Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Baby David

This is the newest addition to the Ashby Family. (Congrats Nichole and Gerald) It has been a long time since we have had a little baby around. In fact the last baby that hung out at our family gatherings is now graduated from High School (Tyler). We are so excited to have little baby David join our family. He is a super cute little guy. He was born June 11th, 8 lbs and 1 oz. He has very long fingers and toes. Oh, and LOTS of hair. Hooray for cute babies!

Monday, June 8, 2009

love you... more

One year ago today on 06.08.08 Cruz asked me to marry him, and I said YES! Here is the story...
I'd finally felt that marrying Cruz was the right thing, after much thinking, talking and praying. We picked out a ring together, and he even bought it when I was there. But I told him that I wanted him to "ask" me. It was Saturday when we did all of this... 
We had some unexpected things come up, and had to change plans for the evening. So, he didn't really have time to do or plan anything for Saturday to "ask" me. 
My thoughts were was that he was going to wait a few days, I was thinking Tuesday or Wednesday. On Sunday I had my usual busy RS President stuff going on, so I was pretty busy until after church, which I called him to see what he was planning on for dinner. He said to come on over, he had a lot of homework to do before Monday...
I ended up at his house, we planned to go to a park for him to work on his homework, and I could read. It was getting kinda dark so we went to the park in Vineyard, but there wasn't much light to do homework. This totally fooled me, I was kind of wondering if he was going to "ask" me, but then we changed locations. (?)  So we decided to go up to Timp. park at the mouth of the Canyon. This was a park that Cruz and I had spent a lot of time with friends and such. I went home quick to change my clothes to something warmer, and off we went.
I was totally focused on GOOD LIGHTING for his homework. :) I pointed out a few places, that looked like a good spot. He said "lets keep looking," little did I know that he had asked his friends to set up a table. 
He finally spotted the table, and took me over there. By this time it was sun-set or after. The table was all set up with little candles...
We talked for a while, and of course when I saw the table I knew what was coming. He said something that made me start to cry. He then said do you want a tissue. I said sure. He pulled a crinkled up tissue, and as I unfolded it the ring fell onto the table. He then asked me if I would marry him. I  of course said "YES!"
It's been a fantastic year. Cruz, I thought I loved you the most I could then... and now I realize that, I really love you more and  MORE each day.