Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween soda labels... Free download printable

I've been working on these for a while during my lunch breaks at work... they took me longer than expected. I did have fun creating them. I debated on how the should look. Spooky or cute.... or something else. Here is what I ended up with.

Here they are!! I love the ZOMBIE VIRUS the best. (Sorry not a great pic. it was dark outside, so it had yellow lighting. Also I fixed the spelling error in the Jack-o Lantern image. )

 newest DOWNLOAD printable files HERE!!
© Christina Marcano. For personal use only.

 This label would look great on Mountain Dew, or Sprite/7-up, as well as any other green bottle.

  This label looks fantastic on 7-up's mixed berry (it's purple) soda. But also any green soda bottle matches.

  This label would looks fun on fruit punch or any red drink!

  This label would looks good with orange drink!

This one is for any cola soda... which ever one is your favorite. ;) Wondering why you don't see this one in my pic...? Well, my husband drank the soda. LOL. So, I never printed it. We will see if it happens this year. 

I am not actually a HUGE soda fan, but I do like  love these spooky wrappers.
They are 14 inches long, so they have to be printed on legal sized papers or take them to your copy store and print them.

FINAL FILE SIZE should be 14.25 x 5.35

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Cupcake Toppers (F R E E printable)

I am loving these cupcake toppers. I can't wait to use them on FRIDAY! Saturday the husband-o was sick so I spend the entire day designing these... well, and taking care of him. ;) Love the patterns. Hope that you love them too.

FYI... I plan to cut the ones without the scalloped design built into the circle with scallop scissors. We will see how it goes. Seriously, if you have any issue getting these to work email me/or comment below. I will send you a PDF. I want these things to be used up, because I am in love with them. My favorite is either the pumpkin or the cat. Which one do you like best? Would love to hear your comments!

happy, happy halloween!

I plan to have more halloween free printables this week, for spooky soda labels. Stay tuned. ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Party Sneak Peek

My friend and I have been very busy creating things for our upcoming halloween party.
I am super excited. I really couldn't wait to share some pics... Love this fun stuff.

Things we've been working on include:
1. Super tiny witch hats (my favorite)
2. Subway art (free download here.)
3. Spider long legs tag holder
4. Mummy tea light holders
5. Happy Halloween banner
6. Flying bats
7. Creepy soda labels

The best part is that these things were all handmade by us.
(Things made on the computer are handmade, if you ask me.)

Don't you just LOVE halloween?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thai Pineapple Curry F R E E recipe card

So, both my husband and I LOVE Thai food. We often found ourselves going to Thai restaurants around town. We almost always both get curry, usually we do get different kinds. We love the spice, the veggies, and it feels "Oh, so good" on a cold day. Well, fall weather has already began here in Utah. So bring on the warm foods.
I thought I would give a Thai curry recipe a try. It was good, but it missed something. I found yellow curry was better than the super spicy red and I changed up some of the veggies. MMM! It is a new favorite recipe. We have made this twice already and the second time we doubled the batch. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

{ Download and print your own recipe card by clicking the file. Size 4x6 }

Thursday, October 6, 2011

h a l l o w e e n {free download}

If you are like me, you are excited for HALLOWEEN! I love this silly holiday. I love the decor. It is crazy and a little weird sometimes, but overall I like it.
Here is a fun printable for HALLOWEEN! I LOVE subway art, remember St. Patty's Day subway art.
Here is what ya do...

  1. Download this file.... here
  2. Take it to your local photo store to print it. 
  3. Then stick it in a 8x10 frame. 

So easy, and cute don't you think?
Plus, it is only $1.50 to print a 8x10 at Costco. Also you can pick up a simple black frame at the crazy Walmart for something around $3!!! Then you can use it (the frame) throughout the year for cute SUBWAY art. I do.
I am going to put mind in a frame today. So excited.

PS... I already have some ready for November and December!! 
You might as well get your frame now. :)
Would love to hear your feedback as well.