Tuesday, August 20, 2013

July 2013: My Parents visit STG

We had been trying to plan a good time for my Parents to come and visit St. George all spring... 
Well, they made it in the middle of the heat of the summer. We were so glad they came, and actually they brought some cooler temperatures with them. We showed them the sights of St. George... Dixie Rock, Tabernacle, Temple... all the main things!

The temple looked fantastic with the clouds that were rolling in.

My Dad wanted to visit Pine Valley. I had never even heard of Pine Valley. What a beautiful little, little town. Plus since the elevation is a lot higher, the temps were awesome to be walking around and seeing the sights. 

We got to see the Pine Valley Chapel, which was built in 1868, and is constructed like a upside down ship. Built by a past ship builder. ;) Good little history lesson by visiting there.
Randomly it was PINE VALLEY DAYS while we were there.
They had a little festival set up in the town square. Where the locals were doing musical programs, and selling handmade crafts.

I think this is the only restaurant in the town... but it was delicious!
We also to a little journey to the lake. What a beautiful place. We need to come back and do a little hike, and maybe a picnic at the lake... so pretty.

 Of course we had to visit Zion's National Park. Always beautiful.

Good times with the parents!
So glad they could come before the baby gets here... so we could show them around.
They enjoyed the pool and hot tub. ;)
Next time they visit will be when the baby comes.
Hopefully will be soon. Baby's due date is tomorrow (Aug. 21st). But according to my Dr. Apt. today doesn't look like she is ready to get out anytime soon. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 2013: Wolf Creek Weekend with the Family

 There is something great about all being in the same place at the same time! Lisa planned a fantastic get-a-way for our family. I was impressed with the location, cool weather, swimming, and plenty of room for the entire family. Wolf Creek was a success for sure.

 Lots of time to just chill... and spend time with everyone. 
JJ learned how to eat whip-cream from a can straight into his mouth... thanks to Aunt Brenda and Cousin Tyler. He wasn't too sure at first... but oh, man it only took one lick and he was hooked.
Also, JJ and David loved paper airplanes being tossed up into the loft... good times.

 So, so, so glad there was a pool. Being 8 mo. preggo there are few things to enjoy doing. But the pool was a hit for me and for all the kids too. Actually I am pretty sure everyone like it. No fear with these nieces and nephews... jump right in.

 Trying to find a little something fun to do... took us to Golden Spike National Park. A little bit of a drive, but it was fun to see the trains, and again the kid-os sure liked it.

FUN and more FUN! Good laughs, and good food, good company.
Sadly I didn't take many photos. And what I did was with my phone. I am getting bad at that.

We also celebrated Kevin's 18th birthday while we were there. (Which he wasn't photographed by me at all.) Fun to have Justine join us... welcome to the family. ;)
What else... hum... so many good times. 
David (3 yrs old) told us all about Wonder Woman and her nice boobs. LOL... that was hilarious.
Emma girl (3 yrs old) was up for the pool at anytime even though she wasn't feeling that great.
JJ was his usual self FULL of ENERGY... if I could bottle that up and take for myself... WOW!
Candace and Tyler cooked some delicious pizza cups, I was impressed. Ty said they learned how in Foods class. ;)
Games with the siblings in the evening... We played Uno LISA style. Tricky business.
Alan and Joe did bike rides, Cruz did a long run/walk to the lake one morning.... And me... I just tried to relax and be as comfy as a 8 mo prego lady can be.

For Cruz and I it was a lot of driving, 767 miles! But it was worth each one.
I like this yearly family get-a-way... can't wait for next year when we have a almost 1 yr. old. 
Adventures for sure!