Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can it be true... August is tomorrow? (FREE Subway Art Printable}

I really have been excited to welcome the month of August since... well, last Christmas. Why? Because our sweet little baby is due this month. Actually, today marks 37 weeks; which is full term... even though her due date isn't until the 21st. it is fun and exciting to think she can come at anytime now. :)

Yippie, for AUGUST!!!
Here are the Subway printables I have made for AUGUST.
The 1st one is kind of made just for me... and matches what I think of August.
We have no kids in school, so the back-to-school theme doesn't really apply for now. 
We do have several birthday's in August and we are welcoming our baby into the world... plus it's our 5th year anniversary at the very end of the month... so lots going on. 
 But for the rest of the world who have kids in school, 
here is a more traditional 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Venezuelan Independence Day!

July 5th is Venezuelan Independence day. 
Since we just celebrated USA's Independence day it's easy to just keep on celebrating.
After Cruz got home from work we went to the pool for a little while. Feels so good and refreshing.
(Which is also why I don't have any make-up on these pics. lol.)

Then decided to have a little Venezuelan flair to our dinner. We debated on driving to a Venezuelan restaurant in Vegas, but then decided not too. Maybe we should have... 
Instead we ran to the store and got a few things...
This year, we tried making our own Guasaacaca Sauce.
What is Gusaacaca Sauce?
It is this SUPER yummy avocado, cilantro, parsley sauce that is creamy and delicious. It's not like guacamole at all... (even though I love guacamole too.) In Venezuela they eat it with Arepas, empanadas, chicken etc...
This is our second attempt with a recipe I found online. Not quite right... but it was fun to try. ;) The recipe called for Worcestershire Sauce... and it kind of took over the taste. Cruz thought if we just left that out we would be right on track. 

We also made Arepas filled with chicken salad. 

I have only been to Venezuela once. We had such a fun time there. I got to meet Cruz's family and see where he is from. It's always fun to bring a little bit of Venezuela into our home in whatever way we can. I sure do love this Venezuelan man of mine!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July

We had such a great 4th of July! I loved the entire day.
Cruz woke up at something like 4:45 am, he couldn't go back to sleep, ... and so he made breakfast. I had some and then went back to bed, he then went for a long walk/run before it got too hot.
Later we went to the pool and stayed for several hours. Randomly we had it to ourselves for most of the time. It was so relaxing to me, to just float around in the cool water. So refreshing because it was so HOT outside. Cruz said it well... God bless America, and God bless having a pool in St. George...
After the pool we had lunch at Dickies BBQ. Then went and met up with Joe and Brenda for a bit, as they were on their way home from California and passing by. Which was fun to see some family since it was a holiday and all. I do miss being able to go to all the family stuff... Candace sent me the pic of the little kid-os playing in the kiddie pool at the family breakfast. Looked like they were having fun. :)

After that we came home and just relaxed, I had a good nap! Then made Red, White and Blue drinks. They sort of worked out... :)

Later that night we enjoyed the fireworks!
Every year I think... I need to learn how to take better firework photos. Until next year!!
We decided to just watch the fireworks from afar. Actually it was really cool, we could see lots of firework shows happening all around St. George. I put my camera away right as the big ending happened downtown St. George... and missed what would have been the best picture opportunity; but enjoyed it all the same. 

Loved, loved having time with me and just my handsome husband-o.
We just relaxed and embraced the day as it came. 
It was perfect.
No stress, no worries... just fun.
So, thankful to live in such a fantastic place... we are blessed!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cruz's GOLDEN birthday! 30!!

My handsome husband-o turned the big 3-0! 
It was his GOLDEN birthday, 30 on the thirtieth of June.
What did he want to do for his birthday? 
I know, big surprise. He loves to get away.
So, we did a quick little trip to California!
Before we left, on Friday I had a little surprise for him... a bunch of GOLDEN treats.
Worked out perfect so we could take them on our little road trip. ;)
I was surprised at how many GOLDEN treats you could find. 
This was just a few. There were lots of things with GOLDEN apple, but Cruz isn't a apple fan. They had GOLDEN gummy bears, which he hates gummy or sticky candy of any kind. 
I had to think "would he like this treat?" For the most part he did. He really liked the pretzels they were honey wheat. Yum!

Our destination was NEWPORT beach California.
WOW! it was so busy! We enjoyed it the best we could... but had a really hard time finding any parking. We finally found something, had time to walk the beach a little and grab some dinner... then our parking meter was out of money... so we decided to go do something else... and enjoy the beach area in the morning.
Our friend suggested SPRINKLES for a yummy treat.
Got to have lots of birthday treats...right?
Well... we got in line, and chatted it up with the guy behind us. Who gave us good ideas for the next day. (Locals know the best places anyway.) We enjoyed the sprinkles sundae. Which is a cupcake cut in half and in the middle is a scoop of ice cream. 

More sights of Newport!

Next stop was CRYSTAL COVE.
This was the place the guy had recommended we spend at the beach.
The parking was way better, and it made it so much less crazy.
We just soaked up the sun, and relaxed on the beach all afternoon.
For lunch we went up the road to Ruby's Shake Shack... which overlooks Crystal Cove.
We had a turkey sandwich, burger and Cruz got a milk shake.
I must have been super thirsty cause I drank two cups of water. The food was good, but the view and the cool breeze was awesome. We were not missing the 112 degree weather in St. George.
I loved these red flower bushes. 

and... our last stop was Laguna Beach before we headed home.
Had a great time. Love that California is so much closer to us than ever before.
Guess we will have to go more often.

It wouldn't be Cruz's Birthday if we didn't spend a little time in Vegas.
My only request was that we didn't spend much time walking the strip... it was 115+ outside... and being pregnant it would have been just too hot.
SO, we stopped for a quick look at the Bellagio to see the flowers...
then went to the cheese cake factory for a little bit of food.
We shared the avocado egg rolls. It's Cruz's favorite.

Then had some delicious dessert at Jean Philippe Patisserie.
The crepe was super delicious! A perfect way to end your birthday, don't you think?

Happy GOLDEN Birthday Cruz Armando!
Love you!!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I LOVE  JULY  !!!!
I know it's HOT outside, but this summer fun filled month is one of my favorites. I love that we celebrate our country. I love that it gives us time to think about the blessings of living in a free country!

At our house we not only celebrate the 4th of July for America, but we also celebrate the 5th of July for Venezuela's independence day. Double celebration since the husband is from Venezuela. :) Which usually involves eating some yummy Venezuelan food... so you really can't go wrong. 

For the 4th my family has breakfast in the backyard picnic style... as kids we often went to see the hot air balloons at the crack of dawn. This year we will be in STG again... so we will have to come up with our own celebration. 

Download your printable JULY subway art here.

In Utah, we also have pioneer day to celebrate. 
Holiday LOVE!

SO... Celebrate however you do and ENJOY it!
★  ★ ★  ★ ★  ★ ★