Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July

We had such a great 4th of July! I loved the entire day.
Cruz woke up at something like 4:45 am, he couldn't go back to sleep, ... and so he made breakfast. I had some and then went back to bed, he then went for a long walk/run before it got too hot.
Later we went to the pool and stayed for several hours. Randomly we had it to ourselves for most of the time. It was so relaxing to me, to just float around in the cool water. So refreshing because it was so HOT outside. Cruz said it well... God bless America, and God bless having a pool in St. George...
After the pool we had lunch at Dickies BBQ. Then went and met up with Joe and Brenda for a bit, as they were on their way home from California and passing by. Which was fun to see some family since it was a holiday and all. I do miss being able to go to all the family stuff... Candace sent me the pic of the little kid-os playing in the kiddie pool at the family breakfast. Looked like they were having fun. :)

After that we came home and just relaxed, I had a good nap! Then made Red, White and Blue drinks. They sort of worked out... :)

Later that night we enjoyed the fireworks!
Every year I think... I need to learn how to take better firework photos. Until next year!!
We decided to just watch the fireworks from afar. Actually it was really cool, we could see lots of firework shows happening all around St. George. I put my camera away right as the big ending happened downtown St. George... and missed what would have been the best picture opportunity; but enjoyed it all the same. 

Loved, loved having time with me and just my handsome husband-o.
We just relaxed and embraced the day as it came. 
It was perfect.
No stress, no worries... just fun.
So, thankful to live in such a fantastic place... we are blessed!

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