Thursday, June 28, 2012

Together Again.... picnic

Picnic was June 10th... at timp park. 
Little fact... Cruz and I got engaged there exactly 4 years ago on June 8th. We always go to timp park the night marking that anniversary. We normally take a picture. We tried to that night as well... we even brought our camera... but we forgot one important thing. The SD card for the camera. oops. (Here was a post on our 1 yr. anniversary of our engagement... including proposal story.) Ok... back to this post...

Lexy planned a little picnic.
It was fantastic to see some of these faces, who we don't get to see often enough.

We had a yummy dinner, however... I didn't get the camera out until most of it was gone.
Seriously everything was very tasty. Camie stole the show with her super easy steak fries. I need the recipe. She told us more than once, but I have to write those things down. :) I will have to get it from her. 

 We got a little cold, it was still cool in the mountains once the sun went down.

 Joel brought this yummy bowl of goodness.
Ash brought heavenly raspberries and strawberries filled with cheesecake. I could have ate the whole plate. Remember when I said all the food was good... well, it was.

That pic of Ash, Lex and Camie is too funny... almost looks family portrait like. ;)
Joel ate that flower. He said it tasted sweet. :) I guess if I am hungry and have nothing to eat I will eat my day lilies in the back yard. lol. Joel told us all about the plants.  

I was super glad this guy could make it. I have sure missed him while he has been working in St. George. Wondering why he is there? If you haven't heard already we are going to be moving there. (I have kept it kinda quite... just because everyone at work doesn't know. But the big boss, and my boss know... so I figured it was ok to post it. I will post more about it later.)

Thanks Lex for planning this picnic. 
I loved it. 
It was great to see everyone.
I know it will be less often that we see each other since we are all kinda going different directions.
I know that is just part of life.
Change is good, but sometimes it is a bit sad.
We used to hang with these people at least once a week in the singles ward.
Often times we had many of activities that brought us together way more often than that.
But we are all kinda doing different things...
all good things, life often just takes us different directions and changes. Which is good too.
I would never want to do the same thing FOREVER.
I need change... I'd go bonkers without it.
It is a welcomed part of life.

It was fun to gather with our friends again. I hope we do it again sometime!

Good times.
Good friends.
Good laughs. 
and... Good night!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

TOGETHER in Saint George

Cruz is working in Saint George since May 30th.
It has been crazy to be apart so much.
We are glad we live in a day and age that there are lots of ways to communicate...
cell phone, facebook, email, skype, etc.
But nothing is like being together. I was more than happy to go and visit him for the weekend.
7 days apart is way too long. I sure loved being together again. We enjoied the summer sun, and the hotel pool... along with some yummy eats and treats. Can't wait to go down again this weekend!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mid Year!!

Can you believe that half of 2012 is already over! How did that happen? Time is flying by, faster and faster each year. Remember this post... here.

I really love making new goals for the year. It's something that I really do take seriously. I do think that is ok to adapt or change them at any time. Also, I am not against adding to them either.

So, being that it's half way though the year. I would see how I was doing. 

#1: Travel to a new place. I have been some new places, but I am not ready to check this off the list quite yet. We did go to California... and we did get to see some new sites... that I hadn't seen yet. So, technically I have done this... I just hope to do MORE of it.

#2: Celebrate Life: We are pretty good at celebrating holidays, and time we get together as a couple. I have no issue with saying that I feel like we do this well. 

#3: Why is this one such a roller-coaster for me. I have been doing super good on this especially from March until the end of May. I've been struggling the last few weeks. Need to get back on track.

#4: Oh, boy. This one we are doing well. More on that in the upcoming days.

#5: Pretty good at this. I do like to have somewhat of a plan, even if it is just a little one. 

#6: Help others: I hope I am doing this. I have been blessed with so much help from everyone. I know that I did get to help someone out this last weekend. It felt good to return the favor.

#7: Working on this little by little. Ha. I need to be better at making time for it.

#8: I have been working my guts out the last little while (Seriously, I've worked about 50 extra hours in the last month). I can't complain about the fun things we have done this far. We have had good times traveling to Vegas twice, California, and little spots around UT. 

Most of all I feel SUPER BLESSED! 2012 has been good to us thus far. :) 

We are happy. We are loved. We are blessed. Life is good!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kennecott Copper Mine

We went to Kennecott Copper Mine a few weeks back... and I forgot all about it, until today. So even though we went May18... before Memorial Day... I am just now getting to blogging about it. :) Such is life. To be honest, I am impressed that I am blogging at all right now... work has been crazy busy and overly stressful. You would think I would want nothing to do with the computer after these LONG days.
(Yes, days I work 17 hours that is very true.)

Kennecott had free passes a few weeks ago, maybe they are still available.
We felt like it was worth the free trip, and Cruz had never been there... and the last time I went was in 4th grade or something. We were amazed at how large the trucks were, we were like 3 year olds when it came to the giant tire. All and all good times.

Afterwards we ate at applebees. I have to say THANK YOU to who ever was the person that turned our camera into the lost and found. Thanks for being honest, and not taking our little baby. We didn't even notice that we left it until the next day.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend = Vegas trip.

Memorial Day weekend was a perfect chance to go to Vegas before it get's TOO HOT.
It was perfect weather. We stayed at the Luxor Hotel. We loved the pool!

 I LOVE the dispay at the bellagio gardens! One of my most favorite things about Vegas.

 We went to see the KA, and it was amazing! I think those shows are always good. I love all the creativity that goes into the performance.
We also at at Max Brenner chocolate restaurant. So good. So rich.
Visited the wax museum. LOL, good times.