Monday, June 11, 2012

Mid Year!!

Can you believe that half of 2012 is already over! How did that happen? Time is flying by, faster and faster each year. Remember this post... here.

I really love making new goals for the year. It's something that I really do take seriously. I do think that is ok to adapt or change them at any time. Also, I am not against adding to them either.

So, being that it's half way though the year. I would see how I was doing. 

#1: Travel to a new place. I have been some new places, but I am not ready to check this off the list quite yet. We did go to California... and we did get to see some new sites... that I hadn't seen yet. So, technically I have done this... I just hope to do MORE of it.

#2: Celebrate Life: We are pretty good at celebrating holidays, and time we get together as a couple. I have no issue with saying that I feel like we do this well. 

#3: Why is this one such a roller-coaster for me. I have been doing super good on this especially from March until the end of May. I've been struggling the last few weeks. Need to get back on track.

#4: Oh, boy. This one we are doing well. More on that in the upcoming days.

#5: Pretty good at this. I do like to have somewhat of a plan, even if it is just a little one. 

#6: Help others: I hope I am doing this. I have been blessed with so much help from everyone. I know that I did get to help someone out this last weekend. It felt good to return the favor.

#7: Working on this little by little. Ha. I need to be better at making time for it.

#8: I have been working my guts out the last little while (Seriously, I've worked about 50 extra hours in the last month). I can't complain about the fun things we have done this far. We have had good times traveling to Vegas twice, California, and little spots around UT. 

Most of all I feel SUPER BLESSED! 2012 has been good to us thus far. :) 

We are happy. We are loved. We are blessed. Life is good!!

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