Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kennecott Copper Mine

We went to Kennecott Copper Mine a few weeks back... and I forgot all about it, until today. So even though we went May18... before Memorial Day... I am just now getting to blogging about it. :) Such is life. To be honest, I am impressed that I am blogging at all right now... work has been crazy busy and overly stressful. You would think I would want nothing to do with the computer after these LONG days.
(Yes, days I work 17 hours that is very true.)

Kennecott had free passes a few weeks ago, maybe they are still available.
We felt like it was worth the free trip, and Cruz had never been there... and the last time I went was in 4th grade or something. We were amazed at how large the trucks were, we were like 3 year olds when it came to the giant tire. All and all good times.

Afterwards we ate at applebees. I have to say THANK YOU to who ever was the person that turned our camera into the lost and found. Thanks for being honest, and not taking our little baby. We didn't even notice that we left it until the next day.

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