Thursday, June 28, 2012

Together Again.... picnic

Picnic was June 10th... at timp park. 
Little fact... Cruz and I got engaged there exactly 4 years ago on June 8th. We always go to timp park the night marking that anniversary. We normally take a picture. We tried to that night as well... we even brought our camera... but we forgot one important thing. The SD card for the camera. oops. (Here was a post on our 1 yr. anniversary of our engagement... including proposal story.) Ok... back to this post...

Lexy planned a little picnic.
It was fantastic to see some of these faces, who we don't get to see often enough.

We had a yummy dinner, however... I didn't get the camera out until most of it was gone.
Seriously everything was very tasty. Camie stole the show with her super easy steak fries. I need the recipe. She told us more than once, but I have to write those things down. :) I will have to get it from her. 

 We got a little cold, it was still cool in the mountains once the sun went down.

 Joel brought this yummy bowl of goodness.
Ash brought heavenly raspberries and strawberries filled with cheesecake. I could have ate the whole plate. Remember when I said all the food was good... well, it was.

That pic of Ash, Lex and Camie is too funny... almost looks family portrait like. ;)
Joel ate that flower. He said it tasted sweet. :) I guess if I am hungry and have nothing to eat I will eat my day lilies in the back yard. lol. Joel told us all about the plants.  

I was super glad this guy could make it. I have sure missed him while he has been working in St. George. Wondering why he is there? If you haven't heard already we are going to be moving there. (I have kept it kinda quite... just because everyone at work doesn't know. But the big boss, and my boss know... so I figured it was ok to post it. I will post more about it later.)

Thanks Lex for planning this picnic. 
I loved it. 
It was great to see everyone.
I know it will be less often that we see each other since we are all kinda going different directions.
I know that is just part of life.
Change is good, but sometimes it is a bit sad.
We used to hang with these people at least once a week in the singles ward.
Often times we had many of activities that brought us together way more often than that.
But we are all kinda doing different things...
all good things, life often just takes us different directions and changes. Which is good too.
I would never want to do the same thing FOREVER.
I need change... I'd go bonkers without it.
It is a welcomed part of life.

It was fun to gather with our friends again. I hope we do it again sometime!

Good times.
Good friends.
Good laughs. 
and... Good night!


  1. I sure do love this post. I sure do love you too Chris! I'll miss you guys and I know you've created the perfect get a way for all of us Utah county friends! Love you!

    1. Thanks for making a plan and getting us together. :) HUGS!