Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thank You.

Got to hang out with this little girl a few times last month (June). First was when her parents went on a date night. Since Cruz is gone, it was nice to have someone to be my side-kick for the night. She loves the camera, and always wants to take a picture. I was lucky to get a shot of her before she wanted to be the photographer. :) Em is in a fun stage, her little vocab is growing... sometimes she will say the funniest things. She will also repeat everything you say.
Also, her parents invited me for dinner the other night too. Which was nice. Lisa did a lot of the work since Alan has a hurt foot... and we added my parents to the table at the last minute... so thanks Lisa for being flexible and having me over for a delicious dinner. They also served Marion Berry Pie Ice Cream...WOW! That stuff is good!
Since Cruz has been in St. George and work has been less crazy busy... I've been a little bored... so it was good to have something to do with people.
Thanks Guys.

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