Thursday, July 19, 2012

QUOTE OF THE DAY: a little kind

I found this lovely little quote a while back. 
I thought it was perfect.

If you like it too... you can download it here.

Life can be a challenge. 
You never know what people are going through.
I found this quote, when work was crazy.
And we all needed to be a little kinder!
I printed it out and hung it on the wall.
It was for me, and for those who came into my office.
When work is stressful, and you work long hours...
it is easy to get stressed out and say things more harshly than needed.

Right now describing my life in ONE word would be: CHANGE
It is good, just different.
I am used to having my life organized and planned.
I feel like I have a lot going on at work and also it's kinda crazy being gone down to St. George every weekend. Things feel kinda disorganized. I am feeling really ready for things to get back to normal. I am ready for me and my husband-o to live in the same place again. I do feel like this time has helped me to feel more ready to sell our beautiful house... and move, but I am ready for the next phase. 
I am really crossing my fingers that our house will sell. SOON!
I am ready to move to St. George... change and all.

Also, right now I am loving:
that it is about to rain,
doing some free-lance projects,
getting to spend some time with little Emma--while her parents go on a date night,
skyping with the husband-o,
waking up, having the sun shine though the windows,
getting together with girlfriends,
weekends with the husband and the hotel pool ;)
and reading books.
Life is good, change and all!


  1. LOVE that quote. Good reminder! Good luck moving and selling!!

  2. I was looking at your design blog. You are unbelievably good at what you do. Those cookbooks, especially, really show off your abilities--sooo cute.

    Now you are a designer, so you probably do this kind of thing yourself, but is there some kind of widget out there people use to get their photos in such cute little arrangements like you have on your blog (smaller photos in squares next to bigger photos). I throw pictures on my blog but I feel like the picture-words-picture-words layout is getting really boring.

    1. Thanks Wendi, you are too nice.

      I am not aware of a widget, but I am sure that there are some apps out there someplace. I know a friend of mine uses powerpoint to make stuff you are talking about... but I haven't ever used it. I use InDesign. Sorry... no help. I guess you could also use paint... but never tried.

      Good luck.

  3. Do you know what? I am in the process of decorating my bathroom-and I do mean in the process, like I am covered in paint and just sat down for the night. I was planning on doing some searching for good printables to frame for that bathroom and then bam-I saw this. It's the right colors and I love the quote so you are pretty much my hero right now. :)

    1. PERFECT! I am so, so glad. Hope I will be seeing bathroom pics on your blog. :) You are amazing!