Tuesday, May 28, 2013

June Subway Art {free printable}

How is it that June is just around the corner? WOW, 2013 is going by so fast!
I have been creating subway art for awhile now... doing one for each month. I planned on finishing them all last year... but then we decided to MOVE and my life got a little crazy between work and relocating my life, I didn't finish very many. :) Crazy to think that was a year ago. Happy to be where we are now! 

We are loving the warm and sometimes just hot weather, that makes a great time to visit the pool, and let's be honest get an ice cream. YUM!
In St. George it warms up fast, and it usually stays that way until October. :) 
I hope that I love the rest of the summer as much as I have been thus far... being pregnant with baby due end of August, I hope it can fly by. Getting really excited to hold that baby of mine in my arms.

For now... I am just loving the happiness of SUMMER!

For our house.... since my husband has a birthday in JUNE, I also did one that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the end. So, if you too have a birthday in JUNE you may want this one below.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tyler and Justine's Wedding!!

May 18, 2013

Big Congrats to Tyler and Justine... they got married last weekend. 
We were so glad we got to come up for the entire celebration!
They had a beautiful ceremony.

Picture with my parents... Ty's Grandparents.

Due to weather, they ended up with their reception inside... but you would have never guessed it wasn't their original plan... because everything looked fabulous. It was nice to see family both immediate and extended. 

There were so may beautiful flower arrangements, all in these same flowers as her bouquet. 
Her color scheme was adorable teal, and coral. 

They had a a yummy waffle bar at their reception... fantastic idea!
Justine is super adorable and so nice, happy to have her as part of the family!
I loved little David... who had his superman t-shirt under his dress shirt. He was excited to show everyone. What a fun and festive celebration they had... so glad we got to come.

Hooray for Weddings!


I also did their wedding announcements for them... 
Lots of fun designing these.
Front of card.

Back of card.

Back of both Wedding Dinner Card and Temple Card.

Wedding Dinner Card.

Temple Sealing Card.

So, happy everything worked out with the printing and such.

Again Congrats to the two of you.
Love ya!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Visiting Emma Girl!

My Brother Alan and his wife Lisa had the opportunity to go to Pebble Beach on a all expenses paid vacation for two! So, they asked if I could come up an watch Emma. I was more than happy to come. Plus I really wanted them to be able to go. :)

Oh, and did we have fun!!
We had lots of adventures. 
Including: doing her hair in curls, and with her request a braid (because that is what Grammy does), scooter rides, park visits, shopping at Target. (She kept saying she wanted to go there.) and just hanging out together. She loved playing on my phone, and was a good sport when we had to go into the office.

It was fun, we were able to meet up with lots of people who I hadn't seen in a while.
Wednesday we hung out with Jennie... and her super cute little boy. We went to the discovery park in PG.
Thursday while Em went to Pre-School I met with Marg for lunch to talk work and just to catch up.
Em even came to the office for a bit, so I could pick up some work stuff. 

Also on Thursday we got to the park with Gerald and his two cute kid-os. They have got so big since last time we played. It was cute to see Em and David be friends. We had a little picnic, then played.

Friday we went to Brad and Karlee's house to celebrate Joel's birthday. It was fun to stop in as a surprise! Em was a good sport, she was the only kid except for baby Wayne. She took lots of pictures with my phone, most were not very flattering of anyone... so I didn't post any. She also took about 30+ of herself, which crack me up. 

Saturday we went to a BBQ at Brian and Pilar's house. Em LOVED it there... they had lots of toys and a swing set, so she was on cloud 9. Lexy also was able to join us. So good to see all of them.

After we stopped in at Grandma and Grandpa's... where we hung out for a bit. 
Then we had to get something for her Mom for Mother's day. Em had made the hand print picture at school, and said we needed to get something with flowers. Oh, and a treat. ;) 

Emma is in such a fun age. She would say super funny things all the time. 
She liked to sing in the shower, and in the car. 
I would often hear her whispering to herself... so cute.
She often told me "that is not how Mom does it."
She is learning to say prayers, and one night after I got done praying she said I forgot something...
I said what...?
She answered CRUZ! Which was really cute. 

Sunday I headed home, with a quick stop at my Mom's to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to her. Then I was off to St. George.

when I arrived home he had this little set-up for me.
A welcome home and a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to me.
I guess technically we do have a baby now. :)

Staying with little Em, made me even more excited to welcome our own little girl into the world. 
Thanks Em, for being so fun. Hugs and BIG kisses to you.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cruz's Parents Visit SPRING 2013

The same day we returned from our HAWAII adventure we picked up Cruz's Parents from the airport.
 We were all very tired from all the flying that we just did... so it was a quick trip to see the flowers at the Bellagio, and some delicious dinner before we headed home. Seriously... I was exhausted, we had flown all night... and I didn't get much sleep.

 The next day we had all sorts of adventures. My boss, from Covenant was getting MARRIED... (see pictures below) and it was in St. George... so we went to her beautiful wedding. Sadly I forgot my camera, and so only got cell pics, but it was so fun to see her walk down the isle. Such a HAPPY day for her. LOVED it! Afterwards we took Cruz's parents for a little adventure around St. George, what a pretty place we live in!!

It was really fun to see Margaret get married, I am so glad we were able to attend!!! She was gorgeous.
While Cruz's parents were here, both Cruz and I had to work... so during the days they had to find their own hobbies! Cruz's Mom made lots of things for our baby! Booties, and a dress, hair band, some hats... she is very talented!! They also love to shop, they spent hours at home depot, wal-mart, and other places. Great time to stock up on things that are A LOT more affordable in the states. It was fun that we had our ultrasound while they were here. 
Cruz's parents are both super excited to welcome their 3rd granddaughter.

 We went to the Tuchan street fair... and then went to the Kayenta Street chalk art festival. Lots of fun, stunning works of art drawn on the ground! They also had yummy Mexican tamales... which were fun to have the in-laws try.

 Weekends were all about adventures while they were here... ZIONS! Cruz's Moms personal favorite. :)

From Zions we went straight to BRICE. So pretty and though still chilly there... we loved the view! We didn't visit here last time they visited... so it was all new for them!

 Cruz's "Uncle" was in Vegas for the weekend... so it gave us the perfect excuse to go there.... AGAIN! It was really nice for us to just have some fun with each other. We had dinner with him... but didn't take a picture.

 Hoover Dam! Wow, it's been forever since I had been there! They have totally revamped the visitors center etc... This was a great adventure, and Cruz's Dad really liked it. Nice to have something new to show them.

We had a great little weekend in Vegas... and then went back just 4 days later to take Cruz's parents to the airport! What a great vacation they had. We are so glad that they like to visit us! Cruz's Mom is always so nice and she cooks delicious meals for us while she is here. We are excited to have them come back when our little baby is born.

We had such a FUN time, I think we were all worn out by the end. :)
YAY! For lots of adventures!!!