Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cruz's Parents Visit SPRING 2013

The same day we returned from our HAWAII adventure we picked up Cruz's Parents from the airport.
 We were all very tired from all the flying that we just did... so it was a quick trip to see the flowers at the Bellagio, and some delicious dinner before we headed home. Seriously... I was exhausted, we had flown all night... and I didn't get much sleep.

 The next day we had all sorts of adventures. My boss, from Covenant was getting MARRIED... (see pictures below) and it was in St. George... so we went to her beautiful wedding. Sadly I forgot my camera, and so only got cell pics, but it was so fun to see her walk down the isle. Such a HAPPY day for her. LOVED it! Afterwards we took Cruz's parents for a little adventure around St. George, what a pretty place we live in!!

It was really fun to see Margaret get married, I am so glad we were able to attend!!! She was gorgeous.
While Cruz's parents were here, both Cruz and I had to work... so during the days they had to find their own hobbies! Cruz's Mom made lots of things for our baby! Booties, and a dress, hair band, some hats... she is very talented!! They also love to shop, they spent hours at home depot, wal-mart, and other places. Great time to stock up on things that are A LOT more affordable in the states. It was fun that we had our ultrasound while they were here. 
Cruz's parents are both super excited to welcome their 3rd granddaughter.

 We went to the Tuchan street fair... and then went to the Kayenta Street chalk art festival. Lots of fun, stunning works of art drawn on the ground! They also had yummy Mexican tamales... which were fun to have the in-laws try.

 Weekends were all about adventures while they were here... ZIONS! Cruz's Moms personal favorite. :)

From Zions we went straight to BRICE. So pretty and though still chilly there... we loved the view! We didn't visit here last time they visited... so it was all new for them!

 Cruz's "Uncle" was in Vegas for the weekend... so it gave us the perfect excuse to go there.... AGAIN! It was really nice for us to just have some fun with each other. We had dinner with him... but didn't take a picture.

 Hoover Dam! Wow, it's been forever since I had been there! They have totally revamped the visitors center etc... This was a great adventure, and Cruz's Dad really liked it. Nice to have something new to show them.

We had a great little weekend in Vegas... and then went back just 4 days later to take Cruz's parents to the airport! What a great vacation they had. We are so glad that they like to visit us! Cruz's Mom is always so nice and she cooks delicious meals for us while she is here. We are excited to have them come back when our little baby is born.

We had such a FUN time, I think we were all worn out by the end. :)
YAY! For lots of adventures!!!

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