Tuesday, May 28, 2013

June Subway Art {free printable}

How is it that June is just around the corner? WOW, 2013 is going by so fast!
I have been creating subway art for awhile now... doing one for each month. I planned on finishing them all last year... but then we decided to MOVE and my life got a little crazy between work and relocating my life, I didn't finish very many. :) Crazy to think that was a year ago. Happy to be where we are now! 

We are loving the warm and sometimes just hot weather, that makes a great time to visit the pool, and let's be honest get an ice cream. YUM!
In St. George it warms up fast, and it usually stays that way until October. :) 
I hope that I love the rest of the summer as much as I have been thus far... being pregnant with baby due end of August, I hope it can fly by. Getting really excited to hold that baby of mine in my arms.

For now... I am just loving the happiness of SUMMER!

For our house.... since my husband has a birthday in JUNE, I also did one that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the end. So, if you too have a birthday in JUNE you may want this one below.

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