Sunday, June 23, 2013

Excited for you to be a POP! & BABY SHOWERS

What to do while you wait at the Dr's office.... Blog I guess.
Yesterday the weekend plans we had went out the window... So we had to change things up. And... So I decided to give Cruz his Father's Day treat a little early; because I will be in Orem on Sunday and he will be in St. George.

I had this on the kitchen table as a little treat for his pre-father's day gift. Love you Cruz Armando and I really am excited for us to become PARENTS!!

When I got to Orem, it was fun to celebrate with my family a big happy Father's day to my DAD.
We had a backyard breakfast for dinner party. Where we got fed well, shared a few presents, and had a great time with our family. (No, pictures... what is wrong with me.)

So, why was I in OREM?
Well, a few reasons... baby showers, working etc...
I was seriously so blessed to have TWO wonderful showers... and a lunch with the girls from work!
I only have pictures from ONE!
 My cute friend Suzie and Becky along with Suzie's Mom Laurel and Sister Ashley put together this adorable shower for my home ward and friends. It was all decorated and fancy... I loved it. The comment was made that they brought pinterest to life! ;) I would agree! We had so much fun, and it was really awesome to see so many friends who I grew up with.
Thanks for a awesome shower! I loved it.
Glad we snapped this pic... everyone say instagram!
We have literally been friends the longest of all my lovely friends.
You could also add our friend Melissa into this mix. Glad we can still get together once and awhile and pick up where we left off. 

☂  ☂  ☂ 

 My sweet sites-in-laws Nichole and Lisa went to town on a shower for my family and friends. They really went over and beyond. It was SO, SO, SO fun to see all those who came. A lot of people I wish I could see more often.

Also, my parents gave me this adorable pack-and-play crib... it's super fancy with a changing station and a little vibrating sleepy place for when the baby is really small. We are going to use this in our room while Cruz's parents are here. It's going to be a lifesaver. PLUS, a nice thing to have for traveling to grandma's and grandpa's house in Orem. ;) Thanks Mom and Dad.

I had a car full of wonderful baby things for Claire.
Can't wait to see her wear all of those adorable outfits!
Until the end of August, I will just have to wait.

☂  ☂  ☂ 

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