Sunday, January 31, 2010

i heart january 2010

I seriously am in love with how this year is turning out. We have had such a fantastic January.
Some of the highlights included:
  1. New Years was spent on the road in San Fransisco. We welcomed in the new year with a mid-night kiss at six flags. We did everything there was to do in San Fran... for the most part. I loved seeing the golden gate bridge from the hill side. It was a new perspective on the bridge for me.
  2. Experienced the Ice Castle in Mid-way. 
  3. Celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day with a Black & White dinner. Served Rosemary Chicken with Black Bean Soup. So, yummy and fun.
  4. Gave Cruz a mow-hawk, and visited the Harley Davidson museum. 
  5. Made homemade chilli.
  6. Cruz was the best husband in the entire world, and made my BIRTHDAY super festive. He did lots of things that were fun and surprising. I will post more about that later.
  7. Made pancake breakfast more than once. :)
  8. Took fun pictures in the snowy mountains.
  9. Tyler (nephew) had his farewell.
  10. Started up family game night again. 
Yes, it's true January is already over. I can't wait to see the rest of the year. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

i am happy it is FRIDAY!

i wish my husband was home from work... right now
i wish that i didn't eat so much junk over the last few weeks
i wish i wanted to put my creativity to work
i wish i wasn't afraid
i wish that we could have a week of saturdays
i wish i could do nothing and everything at the same time
i wish i could be nice all the time
i am glad i have cute hair today
i am glad my husband will be home in an hour
i am glad the sun was out when i left work
i am glad i have a fun job
i am glad i live in a nice place
i am glad i get to learn new things
i am glad that i can always do things later... and it's totally ok

but really I am just happy it is FRIDAY!

happy weekend everyone.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2009 in review

 oh, 2009 how we loved you so.
new years day
draper temple dedication
christina’s birthday
valentines day
antelope island
tyler’s birthday
hiking stewart falls
pilar’s birthday
thanksgiving point
saint patrick’s day
spring break vegas trip
hot pots restaurant
pilar’s baby shower
nidia’s vist to utah
sam & will’s wedding
cruz backpacking with alan & jason
father’s day
seven peaks
cruz & dad fishing
iceland days
cruz’s birthday
4th of july, independence day
5th of july venezuela independence day
pioneer day
lisa’s baby shower
alan’s birthday
hiking ensign’s peak
hiking deer creek path
family august birthdays
one-year anniversary
timp story telling festival
latin festival
baby emma is born
andre’s birthday
gardner village
ut state fair
fall leaves
“o” in las vegas
state capital building
100,000 miles on the mazda
brian’s birthday
red mango
family pictures
emma’s blessing day
hot springs
terra mia pizza
japanese festival
healthy weight
ut jazz game
tyler’s mission call
black friday
christmas shopping
decorating the christmas tree
gateway mall
making pan de hammon
baby sitting david
dinner with lexy
traditional venezuelan christmas dinner
pernil dinner
ice skating
salt lake city downtown
thanksgiving point christmas lights
orem girls christmas dinner
in & out
christmas eve
christmas day
lunch with akemi
cruz a handsome husband
more pan de hammon
temple square christmas lights
casino breakfast
san francisco
Even though it was hard to say good-bye we welcome 2010!

When I think about all the fun stuff we did during 2009 it makes me excited for the new adventures of 2010. They have already began. :) One goal I have this year is to try NEW things. So, that will obviously bring about new adventures. These pictures were gatherd by picking ONE picture from each album from our computer photo files, a fun way to look over the memories of 2009.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pictures and more PICTURES!

One of the things that I got for Christmas this year was a new digital SLR camera. I am still learning all of it's neat tricks and features, but loving it very much.
...and YES! It is true that we THE MARCANO'S love, love,  LOVE pictures. I often get asked questions such as... "Do you bring your camera everywhere?", "How many pictures did you take", "How come you guys take so many pictures" etc... Here are some answers:

  • I do bring my camera most places. Our small camera usually lives in my purse.
  • We take 100's of pictures at any place/day, and sometimes just one. 
  • We think that it is fun to take pictures of everything. It's part of the experience... to us.
  • It records history, and what we did. (Were not big journal people.)
  • Cruz likes pictures as much as Christina likes them. Well, maybe he likes them just a little bit more.
  • Cruz's family lives in another COUNTRY! Plus they don't speak English that much, and I don't speak Spanish (as of yet) and pictures are a universal way of saying what we've been up to. Cruz also hasn't been home in almost 3 years, (were planning a trip this year) and so it's nice for him Mama to see his cute little face from time to time. 
There are lots of other reasons I am sure... but I think one of the most important ones is that it's fun for us. We like it. It makes us happy. So, why not? I really love our new camera, and were getting it broke in quite well... I think we took a full 4 GB of pictures each day we were in San Francisco over New Years weekend. I know I won't regret ever having pictures of the things and people in my life. So, I hope you decide to bring your camera along with you.... just in case.

Happy PHOTOGRAPHING everyone!
PS... the more i look at this little image, i created... the more i think it is kinda mugly! but hey it was created on the lunch break. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010