Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pictures and more PICTURES!

One of the things that I got for Christmas this year was a new digital SLR camera. I am still learning all of it's neat tricks and features, but loving it very much.
...and YES! It is true that we THE MARCANO'S love, love,  LOVE pictures. I often get asked questions such as... "Do you bring your camera everywhere?", "How many pictures did you take", "How come you guys take so many pictures" etc... Here are some answers:

  • I do bring my camera most places. Our small camera usually lives in my purse.
  • We take 100's of pictures at any place/day, and sometimes just one. 
  • We think that it is fun to take pictures of everything. It's part of the experience... to us.
  • It records history, and what we did. (Were not big journal people.)
  • Cruz likes pictures as much as Christina likes them. Well, maybe he likes them just a little bit more.
  • Cruz's family lives in another COUNTRY! Plus they don't speak English that much, and I don't speak Spanish (as of yet) and pictures are a universal way of saying what we've been up to. Cruz also hasn't been home in almost 3 years, (were planning a trip this year) and so it's nice for him Mama to see his cute little face from time to time. 
There are lots of other reasons I am sure... but I think one of the most important ones is that it's fun for us. We like it. It makes us happy. So, why not? I really love our new camera, and were getting it broke in quite well... I think we took a full 4 GB of pictures each day we were in San Francisco over New Years weekend. I know I won't regret ever having pictures of the things and people in my life. So, I hope you decide to bring your camera along with you.... just in case.

Happy PHOTOGRAPHING everyone!
PS... the more i look at this little image, i created... the more i think it is kinda mugly! but hey it was created on the lunch break. :)

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