Monday, March 31, 2014

Claire is 7 months old

Claire Giulianna Marcano
March 28th, 2014
7 months old. 

 This little girlly turned 7 mo old on March 28th, 2014.
She is crawling all over the place.
She is starting to climb up on things.
She can drink from a sippy cup.
Likes all baby foods, especially peaches.
Will laugh when she hears others laugh… even if it's from the TV.
She loves to watch "Let it Go" song from Disney's Frozen.
She can feed herself little puff cereal.
Wearing 9 mo old clothes. 
Is trying to talk, and says "PAPA" which is spanish for Dad.  (03.30.2014) Though she just kind of whispers it. 
She finds crawling under Mom's desk or chair more fun than playing with toys.
She has both her Mom and Dad wrapped around her little finger.

Love this little one!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Claire… Six months, half a year…

Claire is 6 months old!
What? How did that Happen? 
I feel like she has been with us forever, and at the same time shocked that it's been 6 months… half a year already!!! WOW.

She is happy.
Laughs all the time.

18 lbs and 15 oz (95%)
27.8 inches long (99%)
head is 44 cm. (Not sure %)

Big beautiful, healthy baby girl.
Two little front teeth.
Sits completely on her own.
Crawls (Backwards).
Wearing 6-9 mo old clothes.

She screamed the entire time we were at the doctors. She doesn't like strangers much.

We took her on her 1st Vacation the day after her 6 mo. mark. She did great, loved the strangers which was surprising to us… because she will cry her little head off the entire time when we leave her with a baby-sitter. She loved grandmas and grandpas all her cousins and little friends she met. We were thrilled to have a happy little baby on our grand adventure.

Baby Claire Giulianna we are madly in love with you.