Monday, March 24, 2014

Claire… Six months, half a year…

Claire is 6 months old!
What? How did that Happen? 
I feel like she has been with us forever, and at the same time shocked that it's been 6 months… half a year already!!! WOW.

She is happy.
Laughs all the time.

18 lbs and 15 oz (95%)
27.8 inches long (99%)
head is 44 cm. (Not sure %)

Big beautiful, healthy baby girl.
Two little front teeth.
Sits completely on her own.
Crawls (Backwards).
Wearing 6-9 mo old clothes.

She screamed the entire time we were at the doctors. She doesn't like strangers much.

We took her on her 1st Vacation the day after her 6 mo. mark. She did great, loved the strangers which was surprising to us… because she will cry her little head off the entire time when we leave her with a baby-sitter. She loved grandmas and grandpas all her cousins and little friends she met. We were thrilled to have a happy little baby on our grand adventure.

Baby Claire Giulianna we are madly in love with you.

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