Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day ☘ 2013

We celebrated St. Patty's day with full heart this year! 
Lucky the Leprechaun came for a visit this year. He brought us some Lucky Charms for breakfast. As well as Cruz a new St. P day shirt. See Cruz hates green... and doesn't own any green. 

After Church we had a traditional St. P day meal of corn beef and cabbage with Irish soda bread.
We also jazzed it up with some other GREEN foods such as guacamole chips, green jello, and a electric lime green drink. For dessert we had pistachio ice cream. 
Not sure I am a fan of green jell-o or electric lime drinks... but all in all it was a fun dinner!!

I saw that Irish blessing online, and I thought it was a perfect wish for St. P day. So I had to make it into a little tag, for the lucky charms. ;)
Hope you all have had the Irish Luck with ya this month.
☘  ☘  ☘  ☘  ☘  ☘  ☘  ☘ ☘ ☘  ☘  ☘  ☘ 
We have had pretty fun St. P day's celebrations over the years...
(2011, probably the most festive)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snow Canyon

Randomly on we went for a little HIKE. We were out and about doing some Saturday errands and when we were done, I was wanting to go and do something fun. So, we grabbed some Mexican food at Casa Dona Maria... delicious!!! And then decided to go for a drive. Ended up at Snow Canyon. Not a long drive... so we went on a little hike. It was the middle of the day, so it got really warm... but we loved the views, and it was nice to get outside in the sunshine!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013.... LOVE

Some people think Valentine's day is dumb. But we LOVE it.
A good reason to think of the people you love, and mostly your spouse.
We keep it pretty simple... 

This year I had been in Orem working at Covenant's Office helping train people.
I came home on Valentine's day. It was a treat to just be together. 
When I arrived home, our place was spotless, and finally our Christmas tree was out of sight. (It had been in the corner empty for over a month.) This was a present in itself... but there were also a lovely vase of flowers on the table.
I started getting a cold... and didn't feel that great, so I asked Cruz if he would just pick up some take-out on the way home.
Which was perfect because restaurants were going to be busy. Cruz worked his connection at the Mexican restaurant down the street and they put his take out order ahead of everyone else!!! Awesome for us... sorry for all those waiting. He also had a surprise box of Belgian chocolates for me; and of course a card. (I really like cards from the husband-o!)

I decided to get Cruz some of his favorite treats for his little Valentine's gift....
Chocolate covered almonds.... yum!
Movie Theater gift card, with a drink cup for the megaplex... which is only $1.00 to fill when you go to the movie. 
(The movie we eventually went to was... Jack the Giant Slayer... which was really good.)

We ate our dinner and then watched a cheesy chick-flick on Netflix.
It was a perfect little Valentine's day for us. 

Love you Mr. Cruz Armando Marcano!