Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucky Little Leprechaun

Lucky my Little Leprechaun and I are getting ready for Saint Patrick's day!
Download Lucky the Leprechaun for yourself by clicking on him.

Disney has some fun ideas... HERE
(I got my Leprechaun there and colored him in illustrator.)

I also like all the festive things eighteen25 has on her blog... HERE

Other things...

St.P-day love note sayings...
Because you are my sunshine, and I am your Rainbow...
(Cruz, (my hubby) always says Love you Rainbow... when I have said Love you Sunshine.)
Lucky to be in LOVE with you.
You are my LUCKY CHARM.
Kiss me I'm Irish.

Leprechaun Visits...
Turn Milk Green
Green foot prints around the house
Little messes with a shamrock 
(Not sure I'd ever do that, since I'd have to clean it up afterwards.)

Treat Ideas From the Store...
Lucky Charms
Hershey's Treasures
Gold (Almond) Kisses

From the Kitchen... 
(I would list links here but seriously google them... there are lots of ideas.)
Irish Soda Bread
(I saw that Kneaders Bakery & Cafe are selling Irish Soda bread)
Rainbow Pancakes
Rainbow layered Jello
Rainbow Cake and or Cupcakes
Root Beer or Cream Soda Ice Cream Floats

I am planing a for a festive St. Patty's day. 
(I think I will be festive, and yet simple... since I do work all day and such.)
I hope you are doing the same. 
We have no kids, but we celebrate any time we have a chance. 
(We even celebrated ∏  (pi) day 3.14.2011. More to come on that later.)

Any great ideas let me know.

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  1. Great fun ideas! My
    Used to dye food green like mashed potatoes and such...