Tuesday, March 15, 2011

President's Day 2011

This year on PRESIDENT'S DAY Cruz had to work. I had the day off. But I did try to do lots of things in one day. I did cleaning, shopping, organizing, went and got a massage here.
The massage was so relaxing that I even missed my exit off of the freeway. LOL.

I'd planned to have a little President's Day Dinner with Cruz when he got off work. However; everything took a lot longer than planned and we didn't get dinner until late... and it didn't quite go as planned. I couldn't find our American Flag. (I could find a Japanese and a Venezuelan flag...) I had decided to do a recipe that my Mom had made a few weeks prior; with lots of veggies. I'll call it Pres. Thomas Jefferson Veggies since one of his favorite foods were vegtables. (See this fun site telling the US President's favorite foods.) These veggies included beets, carrots, rootabaga, turnips, onions, peppers, etc... cut them all up and season them with garlic, salt and pepper, and Mrs.Dash. They tasted pretty good, just that it took FOREVER to cut them all up, and get them cooked.
We also had grilled lemon pepper fish. Which was a favorite of President Roosevelt. We served a yummy pomegranate on the rocks drink, with little unbrellas. For dessert we had some tasty President George Washinton cherries. All in all after it was done, it was a good dinner.
Happy to have had a day off.
Happy to celebrate living in an amazing country that has been blessed by good leaders.

Loving the goal I made for 2011 of PARTY MORE. It's fun to think of ways to celebrate the little holidays. What did you do for President's Day?

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  1. I didn't do anything... I think! lol Way cute idea and I'm glad it worked out in the end!!!