Wednesday, March 30, 2011

my grandma

Today would have been my Grandma's (Ashby) 95th birthday. (She passed away February 13, 2006.) So, today I think of her. She was the best Grandma that anyone could have ever hoped for. She was full of LOVE. Anytime you wanted to come visit she'd let you, she'd even let you stay the night.
She'd have a warm cake waiting when you arrived, and would make icing from scratch. yum!
She was a great cook. She made the best scrambled eggs. (I know your thinking... um... those are super easy...but no one made scrambled eggs quite like hers.) One time she even made me green (scrambled) eggs and ham. :)

She was quite the NIGHT OWL, which made me laugh. She'd stay up until one in the morning, and then often sleep until well past ten. She was much like a teenager, with her sleeping patterns. Which made staying at her house fun... she'd play games well into the night. 

She was always up for a laugh. She kept a good sense of HUMOR She often said things like you'll just have laugh about it... that is all you can do. We often giggled until we cried.   

She had a good IMAGINATION, and also encouraged to let us be very imaginative. There were countless of times we set up Grace's Cafe at her house. We had so much fun. We loved being with her.

There are so may good things to say about this lady. She loved a party. She loved having people over. She celebrated life. She lived the gospel. She served others. She loved everyone. She would listen. She would give great advice. 

I am happy she is in heaven. I know she loves it there. I know she is happy.

love you.


  1. I've been thinking of Grandma today too.
    Thanks for posting about her. It's funny how we all agree "best grandma out there", but all have different memories. I never played Grace's cafe. At least not that I remember.

  2. I loved playing Grace's Cafe! It was our favorite thing. We would use all the fancy dishes and silverware to set the table while grandma made dinner, then we would wait for Marilyn to get home from work. We would post a sign on Grandma's back door that read, "Grace's Cafe" so that Marilyn would see it when she walked in. I loved to pick the place mats to use, that was my favorite part. Grandma had a ton of them. I only remember playing this with Christina and maybe Lisa and McCall....but it was a blast!
    I think I will go visit Marilyn tonight. Visiting with her always reminds me of grandma and I am glad to still have her around. She is and was a big part of grandma. It is hard to think of one without the other. I am glad that I still get to be a part of Marilyns life and talk about all the fun time we used to have with grandma.

  3. It is now 11 years since we met this lovely lady. Her attitude was like we were relatives and had been friends for many years. Even though we had never met before. - She sang "Tunglið, tunglið taktu mig. Berðu mig upp til skýja." :-)

    Jon Joel/Maggy/Steinn