Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Valentine's Day (WEEKEND)

I know that Valentine's day was almost a month ago... but I finally got my computer to cooperate with me and allow me to get these pictures off of my camera and on to it. :)
However... we had a fantastic Valentine's day or should I say weekend!

Cruz did such an amazing job at making me feel like the most wonderful wife ever on my birthday... I wanted to have some fun with valentine's day. I made a yummy dinner Friday. Then I made breakfast in bed for him the next three days. I tried to keep things budget friendly, and still fun.

We opted for restaurant on Saturday... instead of the actual v-day.
We didn't even have to wait. Perfect idea if you ask me.
Valentine's day can seem commercial. But I really do like having a day that the calendar says "Hey, do something romantic for each other." I like getting flowers, little chocolates... and I also like doing little surprises for Cruz. He is my LOVE, and I loved spending Valentine's day weekend with only HIM!

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  1. Hey! So fun! You are so creative! What fun surprises for your husband! I'm adding your blog to our list... I love the photo styling you did! What's that font called? I always see it and don't know what
    It's called! ; )