Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cruz's Parents Visit Part 3!!!

I really love San Francisco!! It has been so fun to visit there. This was our 3rd time visiting there since we have been married. :) Good memories all 3 times.
 We went to the Japanese Tea gardens. So pretty there. It was a nice way to start the morning.
We took lots of pictures. These were just a few. The gardens were very pretty this time of year. Other time we went was in the winter... and still pretty but this time it was even better! 
Golden Gate Bridge. One of the many icons of San Fran! 
Lombard Street: Took us forever to get there... ended up driving down it... which totally freaked Mom out and put her on the edge of her seat! Then totally illegally parked and ran and got a few pictures. 
Coit Tower: Pretty picture before sunset
Transamerica Pyramid: Came across it as we were driving back to our hotel.  
Tiburon City: Such a cute little town. Reminds me of the artsy feel of Park City... but with water. :)

 Alcatraz Tour: We almost missed it. We were stuck in traffic and missed the tour we had purchased but were lucky to get on the next boat. So glad we made it, such a great tour and neat to see. Cruz's parents loved it. We were glad we got to see them. Ironically on the way back we sat at a table with a couple who were originally from Venezuela. Small world. :)
Pier 39 and Fishermans Wharf! I LOVE THESE PLACES... such yummy eats here. We had lunch at this little place were you could see the sea-lions out the window. They provided lots of good entertainment as we at lunch. Felt nice to sit and relax a bit. We showed them some of our favorite shops, including the salt water taffy place. Yummy.
We had a wonderful time there, we walked our feet off... and had some good laughs.
 I thought we can't leave San Fran with out riding the trolley. Little did I know that it would take FOREVER TO WAIT IN LINE!!!!! The parents were FREEZING, and to be honest miserable. But look at their smiles before we got on the trolley. And what a experience we had. A car pulled out in front of the trolley. We were in the back, but I guess it was kind of a miracle that we didn't smash it. Then we couldn't get up the hill... so a truck came to push us. But we were stuck. The trolley was so packed, I think it was too heavy. Then they sent a semi-truck to give us a good push and up the hill we went. SO CRAZY!! We ended getting off at China town and had dinner. Always fun in China town.

We had the most wonderful Salmon dinner at Cruz's uncle's house. His wife Kristina made a delicious meal, that we gobbled up. Lots of fun to have time to spend with them. So nice that we were able to make the trip and visit with them. Cruz's Dad and Enrique were good friends/cousins growing up and it had been several years since they had seen each other. They always make us feel welcome when we visit San Fran.

That was our trip, and the next morning we drove home, to Saint George. Slept and parents began packing. They had come with one suitcase each and went home with 3 each. WOW! The following day we took the to the Vegas airport to go home. They had a wonderful time while visiting us. We are so happy they came. It was so fun for me to get to know them better. It was so nice for Cruz to have time with his parents. We loved having them and can't wait until they come back in the spring. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cruz's Parents Visit to Utah... Part 2

 We love having Cruz's parents stay with us. We were happy to take them on a little CALIFORNIA adventure! They were good sports to come on our little road trip.
First stop... Downtown Disney.

Lego Land... so fun! They had such amazing characters built from legos. 

Cruz's parents loved all the disney stuff. We didn't got to Disney they said, let's do that when we have kids. LOL. But we really had a good time in downtown disney for the night, as well as a good dinner.

The next morning we went to Long Beach and visited the QUEEN MARY. 

It was fun to see the ship, and the tour was good... a little messed up because they were revamping it so we kind of got lost. But still fun.
Long Beach has such a fun Pier. We looked around for a bit, and then introduced the parents to FUNNEL CAKE... they liked it. ;)
Next we visited Hollywood and the famous sign.
Then time to see the "Stars."
We also went to REDEO drive, and did some window shopping.
Next we went to Santa Monic Pier. 

Next stop... Santa Barbara! And the sun finally came out.
And then we went to Cambria. Such a cute little ART town. Fun stop.

We loved our little road trip. Lots of good laughs!

Part 3 is San Francisco!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

MeRRy ChRiSTmaS! Our Christmas Card

Click to see it bigger. :)

Above is our Christmas Card for 2012.

Had a great time designing it this year. I think we summed up our year pretty good on this little card. However, one fact on this card... didn't actually take place this year. ha ha ha. The husband-o pointed it out after we had already printed it. Can you guess which one it is? 

I wasn't very satisfied with the way it printed, but it still worked... I just love how nice and bright, and crisp on the screen. Maybe it's the Costco here... because I've had such good luck with them in UT County. Oh, well. 

I can't believe Christmas is so soon. 
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Cruz's parents visited us for a month! We had so much fun with them. It was really great for me to get to know them better, laugh together and spend time with them. It was so great to see how excited Cruz was to show them. This is PART ONE of their adventure with us. :) 
warning: long post with lots of pics.

We picked them up from the Las Vegas Airport and then staied a few days hanging out and showing them the sights of Vegas. Cruz's Mom wasn't that excited about Vegas at 1st. Not much of a gambler, so she didn't really feel like she needed to see Vegas. Vegas is however one of Cruz's favorite places. His Mom quickly learned why. They loved seeing all the hotels, and their designs. We took lots of pictures, and walked pretty much the entire strip. We also went to Le Reve (The Dream) show. It was amazing! We all loved it.

One we got back from VEGAS, Cruz and I worked for a few days, and over the weekend we took them to the GRAND CANYON!
They loved it. Cruz's Mom was Freezing!! But the views were spectacular! Worth the drive, is what we all agreed on. 

On the way there we also drove through Zions, which was Cruz's Mom's favorite National Park that we visited. The Sunset was very pretty. Oh, and on the way there we saw a tumble weed go across the road. Cruz's Dad was thrilled. Something he'd seen in movies of the WEST. So, Grand Canyon and tumbleweed were crossed off of the list of must see things...

We then went to St. George for a few days, before heading to OREM for THANKSGIVING!

We meshed his family with mine. It was a great chance for them to meet each other for the 1st time.
We had lots of yummy food. Got to hang with the family for the day. It was fun. Cruz's parent are kind of hiding in the picture but they are behind Gerald. :) Thanks to my family for making them feel welcome. Now, let's all learn Spanish so that next time they feel even more welcome. ha ha.

They both loved the views of Timp. Whenever we were driving place to place they were pointing it out. Drove up to Bridal Veil Falls and through Provo Canyon.

On the way home we stopped and enjoyed the lights at RIVERWOODS mall.
The lights at Riverwoods were awesome! I think better than I've ever seen them.

Krispy Creme was a huge hit with the parents. We visit it often for their morning coffee, and some donuts too! I was pretty donut-ed out by the time we left orem.

next stop was the DINO museum at Thanksgiving Point. We have lots of funny pictures from this adventure. They have nothing like this, with all the full dinosaur skeletons where they are from.

Every time we were driving in the mountain areas we said to look for deer. My Dad was telling them maybe they could see an Elk. We never did, except for some dead deer on the road. :( So, we took them to Cabelas! A first time visit for me as well. And... you guessed it, they loved it.

Then we visited Salt Lake...
 Lights at the Gateway, and some shopping too.

 Lights and more shopping at City Creek Mall.

 Then to Temple Square!
They loved it, even though they were freezing! And it was actually pretty warm. We got them some hot chocolate to help them not turn into icicles.

Then we took them to Park City to see SNOW. A first time sight for Cruz's Dad.
 We had fun riding the lift up to the Canyon's Ski Resort. Had lunch at the lodge. 
We also took them to main street. 
Seriously, it was like a spring afternoon in Park City. We also visited the Olympic Park.

The Next day we took them to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
 It was amazing. They wished the singing lasted more than a half hour. After we all went to the little America for Brunch.

Tour of the Conference Center.

Back to St. George!

Well, the next week was in St. George. Cruz and I had to get caught up on work, after being gone. So it was more relaxing for his parents. His Mom (with the help of Dad) made us delicious lunches and dinners. We played lots of Rummikub, phase ten and uno. All games that aren't english based. :) oh, and see those silly pics of us with Christmas on the heads... that is at Walmart. Cruz's Mom LOVED that place. We went there often, and filled up many carts of food, and stuff. They did all their Christmas shopping while they were here! It became a joke.... well, we could go to Walmart! Oh, and they helped us with our Christmas tree.

St. George temple/visitor center. Had a great time there. Also, went to the tabernacle there... where they got free copies of the Book of Mormon. The other picture is when we tried to go to a Christmas concert at the tabernacle, ended up being a rehearsal only... Cruz's Mom was the youngest one there by at least 20 years... not counting myself. Funny story. Too bad Cruz was at work and he missed it. 

Live Nativity at Tuacahn. Short but fantastic!

St. George temple lights and frozen custard. 

more shopping.... at pier one.

Cruz took his parents while I was working to Zions and Virgin. They had a good time. Filled up the memory card with hilarious pics. :)

Little road trip to Arches National Park.
We did the little tiny hike to see the arch. Kinda far away. But we had a good time anyway.

Whew! Know wonder we were feeling exhausted. 
They love Utah, and all of it's sights. 

Part 2 is our California adventure!