Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cruz's Parents Visit to Utah... Part 2

 We love having Cruz's parents stay with us. We were happy to take them on a little CALIFORNIA adventure! They were good sports to come on our little road trip.
First stop... Downtown Disney.

Lego Land... so fun! They had such amazing characters built from legos. 

Cruz's parents loved all the disney stuff. We didn't got to Disney they said, let's do that when we have kids. LOL. But we really had a good time in downtown disney for the night, as well as a good dinner.

The next morning we went to Long Beach and visited the QUEEN MARY. 

It was fun to see the ship, and the tour was good... a little messed up because they were revamping it so we kind of got lost. But still fun.
Long Beach has such a fun Pier. We looked around for a bit, and then introduced the parents to FUNNEL CAKE... they liked it. ;)
Next we visited Hollywood and the famous sign.
Then time to see the "Stars."
We also went to REDEO drive, and did some window shopping.
Next we went to Santa Monic Pier. 

Next stop... Santa Barbara! And the sun finally came out.
And then we went to Cambria. Such a cute little ART town. Fun stop.

We loved our little road trip. Lots of good laughs!

Part 3 is San Francisco!!

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