Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kiss Me I'm Irish... 2012

Goodbye March... and hello April!

But not without a little Saint Patty's Day Post!
This year we wanted to celebrate Saint Patty's Day, but we also wanted to keep it healthy. We are working on being more healthy right now. :) So, for dinner we had a LEAN and GREEN meal.
The decor, was just what we had on hand. Gold place-mats, white plates with green accents with other dishes. Maybe not as festive as last year's traditional dinner, (see here) but still yummy!
Grilled zucchini, Green "Shamrock" peppers, Mixed greens salad, with grilled lime tilapia!
The "Shamrock" peppers was an idea I got from Pinterest.

We also had Peach Crystal Light, with a shamrock straw, also found from pinterest.

And the napkin rings were rainbow rick-rack, with a tag saying... Kiss Me I'm Irish, for today!

I don't know why but my Husband says "Kiss me I'm Irish" all the time. Mostly when he comes home from work. LOL. I always say I don't kiss you because your Irish... because, he's not. I kiss you because I love you, silly. However, for Saint Patrick's day I am all about being Irish... for a day! :)
Oh, and I made my husband put on his only shirt that has green, and it also is perfect with a shamrock on it; we got it a few years ago for this very holiday. He's NOT a green fan, however I LOVE GREEN!

Hope you had a fun St. Patty's Day!

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