Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Road Trip!

Cruz had to renew his passport which required him to go to San Francisco. 
We decided to make a little vacation out of it. Why not, right?
We'd been to San Fran back in 2009 and did all the tourist things we knew about and then some. So, this trip around we decided to spend 2 days in San Fran and then drive along the coast to Los Angeles.
We did little planning, and just kinda went with the flow of things. 

Stops included:
  1. San Fran
  2. Monterey
  3. Pebble Beach
  4. Carmel Beach
  5. Big Sur
  6. Hearst Castle
  7. Solvang
  8. Santa Barbra
  9. Malibu Beach
  10. L.A.

Favorites from the trip include:
  1. Clam Chowder in a sour dough bread bowl from Boudin Bakery.
  2. San Fran Trolley ride... i've been there 4 times, and this was a first!
  3. Awesome, hotel with fire place and jacuzzi at an affordable price.
  4. Carmel, super cute little town with fun tourist shops and a yummy bakery.
  5. Hearst Castle... Wow, that place has a little bit of everything. So, so, pretty. 
  6. Live Jazz music to go with dinner in L.A.!
  7. Being with my handsome husband for 6 days straight, without work and the craziness of life.
I really, really LOVE being on vacation!!


  1. Random... It's cute and funny that you're always on the left and Cruz is on the right! lol

    pause... double check

    I guess except that one! So cute though and I love the collage to fit as many photos as possible on here!

    1. LOL!! Funny that you noticed. That is because Cruz always takes the pics with his long arm. ;) He can only do it with the left arm... so were in the same spot pretty much all the time. Just another problem of having a large camera, with a bigger lens.