Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Venezuelan Independence Day!

July 5th is Venezuelan Independence day. 
Since we just celebrated USA's Independence day it's easy to just keep on celebrating.
After Cruz got home from work we went to the pool for a little while. Feels so good and refreshing.
(Which is also why I don't have any make-up on these pics. lol.)

Then decided to have a little Venezuelan flair to our dinner. We debated on driving to a Venezuelan restaurant in Vegas, but then decided not too. Maybe we should have... 
Instead we ran to the store and got a few things...
This year, we tried making our own Guasaacaca Sauce.
What is Gusaacaca Sauce?
It is this SUPER yummy avocado, cilantro, parsley sauce that is creamy and delicious. It's not like guacamole at all... (even though I love guacamole too.) In Venezuela they eat it with Arepas, empanadas, chicken etc...
This is our second attempt with a recipe I found online. Not quite right... but it was fun to try. ;) The recipe called for Worcestershire Sauce... and it kind of took over the taste. Cruz thought if we just left that out we would be right on track. 

We also made Arepas filled with chicken salad. 

I have only been to Venezuela once. We had such a fun time there. I got to meet Cruz's family and see where he is from. It's always fun to bring a little bit of Venezuela into our home in whatever way we can. I sure do love this Venezuelan man of mine!

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