Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Utah State Fair

I had not been to the Utah State Fair since... maybe the 5th grade. So, when Cruz mentioned that he'd like to go; I was game. Funny thing was that we planned to go Friday after work leave about 5 or so. Then on Friday André called and told me he had 2 extra tickets to the Boys-To-Men concert. Which would be at the fair grounds. Not that I am a big fan of Boys-To-Men, but I am up for almost anything that sounds festive. A fair and a free concert, who would turn that down? Well, Cruz and I had a fun time at the fair. Yummy food, a little shopping, the biggest pumpkin and a Ferris wheel ride were all fantastic. (The sun was setting, as you can see in the picture; when we rode the Ferris Wheel... so pretty.) It was fun to meet up with André, Joel, Katie (Sorenson) and Tyler. It'd been a long time since some of us had hung out together. Only disappointment was the $1 spent to see a giant alligator; he was pretty big, but hard to see through the cage. Other than that the Fair = fun, festive, and pretty much fantastic. I think we'll go again in about 10years. :)

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