Monday, May 17, 2010

i am happy: 05.17.2010 edition

  1. reading my parents weekly email, about their adventures in iceland.
  2. green grass, and flowers.
  3. string cheese.
  4. laying in my hubby's arm pit. (really I am laying more towards his shoulder, but we call it the arm pit. I say "love, can I lay in your arm pit", he then says "yes" It is one of the best places to lay.)
  5. afternoon nap.
  6. the ride home from work, 12 relaxing minutes all to myself.
  7. flip-flops.
  8. giant flowers in babies hair.
  9. watching my husband watch americas most funny videos... he laughs way too hard. (I think we've only seen this twice, but his reaction is more funny than the show.)
  10. picnics on a cozy blanket, on a spring day.
What things make YOU happy?

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