Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carl Bloch

The other day we finally made it to the CARL BLOCH show at BYU's MoA.
I have been wanting to go for some time now. I did a few (book, music cd, & calendar) projects at work (See here) with his art. So, I was very familiar with it. I literally have spent hours upon hours looking at it. 
It was great to go to the exhibit and see them in person, and not just on the computer screen. 

This painting is one that I LOVE. It is very common for LDS viewers, since it's often in church meeting houses. But the reason that I love this painting so much is, because of an experience that I had at the LDS Humanitarian Center. We went the for a RS activity, in my singles ward (a long time ago)... and went for a tour. They have a HUGE print of it hanging right as you walk into the building. The spirit hit me so strong as I looked at this painting, and thought of all the things that happen at that building. So, much need in the world for service. There is always more to do, and always those who need it. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He loves all of us, no matter where we are in our lives. I felt such great love as I saw this painting. It will be something I won't forget. 

Many of Carl Bloch's art is in the Frederiksborg castle is a castle in Hillerød, Denmark. My Parents got to go there when they first got to their mission. (They served in Iceland, but it's part of the Denmark Mission) I was a little jealous when they wrote home about it. I was excited to learn that BYU was going to showcase many of his paintings. It was a real treat. :) 

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