Monday, September 19, 2011


We had to get a camping trip in before we went on our big Europe trip. So the weekend before we left we went to mirror lake. Due to serious lack of planning it was just me and Cruz (we literally just said let's go camping, and we grabbed our stuff and went.) Oh, but what fun we had. We were not totally prepared to go, but we still had a BLAST! I love floating in the lake, and roasting things over a fire... especially bread sticks. Yum!

Dinner was hotdogs over the fire with breadsticks... oh, and smores.

My Dad told me that my Aunt Carol and Uncle Blaine gave these rafts to our family something like 20 years ago as a Christmas gift. I bet they didn't think we'd still be using in 2011! (I love these things.) What a great gift.

The sun was out most of the time, but when it was behind the cloud it was a little bit chilly. There were lots of people fishing around the lake. My favorite comment when we were getting in the lake was a little boy who said "I think they are going to get their bums wet." He was right though... LOL. 

Cruz was excited that we got to use his new camping stove, and I have to say it was really nice. We made breakfast burritos with the yummiest tortillas. I am liking this little stove, and hope to use it more. Cruz brought hot chocolate, and it was so good to drink in the morning. 

We went up a little farther and found that the walk around mirror lake was so pretty. It was a simple little walk but totally worth every step, I loved that we got to walk around the entire lake.

I don't really want to say good bye to summer... but I am excited for Fall and the leaves to change. I do enjoy living in 4 season climate.

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