Friday, May 25, 2012

family get-a-way

Sometimes we just need to take time out from the busy life and relax!
This was a very over due Ashby Family get-a-way.
We rented this beautiful home up in Heber. It was quiet and the perfect weekend get-a-way place.

 Not far from the home, was a cute little pond/park. A good place to take the kid-os to get out of the house for a bit.

 during our stay we had 4 batmans... (Joe, David, JJ, Tyler!) We also had 3 supermans... (David, JJ, Kevin) Oh, and one supergirl... (emma)

 The little kids were loving their goggles they got for swimming... they wanted to wear them all the time. So, Grandpa joined them.

all and all it was a hit. Thanks Lisa for finding a great place to stay, and making it all happen.

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