Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cruz's Citizenship

So proud of Cruz! 
If you ever have a chance to go to one of these Oath and Ceremonies... then you should.
It was pretty much the most patriotic thing I have ever been too. It really made me think of all our freedoms that we enjoy here in the USA. 
Here is a little rundown of how it went...
Welcome in the judge. 
Have 2 musical numbers (Star Spangled Banner, and God Bless America).
Short talk from a Lady, who talked about don't forget your culture; and share it with others.
Judge talked. 
He spoke about his family immigrating from Romania. Then spoke how his wife's father fought in WWII, she never got to meet her daddy because he died fighting for our freedoms.
(It was a powerful story, that made me really thankful for those who fight to keep our freedoms and liberties.)
Then the Oath.
Short movie clip, with a welcome from President Obama.
Then they allowed the new citizens to say a few words if they wanted to.
This was one of the best parts, people spoke for 30 seconds to a minute or so. They talked about how grateful they are to be able to be apart of this great country. About how we have so many opportunities at our fingertips, so many liberties. The one that stole the show, and left no dry eye in the building was a women from China. See when you get citizenship from another country and you are from China; China basically disowns you. You have to give up your chinese citizenship, and you are not welcome to go back. She spoke about having mixed feelings, and yet she was so very thankful to be able to become a citizen of this FREE country, a country that people have the rights to do what ever they dream, a place that supports your choices, a place where you can be happy. It was one of those moments where you realize your life has been richly blessed, just by where you were born. Made me even more grateful for my ancestors who sacrificed so much to come here. Land of the free home that I love.
Present all new citizens with certificate.

Oath and Ceremony 
 Big congrats to my HUSBAND-O. He really did all the work. Excited for him and his new citizenship. Now we can go to London without him almost deported. (Remember that story... here)
 Cruz's new co-worker in St. George was getting his citizenship as well. Small world. It was nice to have a friend there. It was good for me too, because I got to sit by his friend Jenny while we waited for the ceremony to start... good thing too, it was a long wait... it was nice to have someone to chat with. 
I thought this was the perfect card.  
When Cruz was studying for the citizen ship test, he really got into it. He knew all the answers by heart, and pretty much the questions too. There was one that asked "name two of the the 13 or 14 states (I can't remember) that border Canada?" He always wanted to answer with not just 2 or them but all 13/14 which ever it was. LOL!
What do you get someone who loves trivia... a trivia game. 

It was a fantastic day.

We are happy.

We celebrated with my parents and went to dinner.

Love you Mr. Cruz Armando Marcano, one of the newest citizens of the United States of America.


  1. My brother-in-law Emilio became a citizen two years ago in July. I remember he and his wife worked on it a long time. My sister-in-law threw a little party for him. We didn't attend the actual ceremony, so that was very neat to read. And it makes it a lot easier for them to go visit his family in Costa Rico. We're so happy for you guys!