Monday, January 6, 2014

4 months and Christmas


Little adorable Claire turned 4 mo old on December 28th 2014

Weight: 15 lbs 8 oz (90%) 

Height: 26.3 inches (95%)

Head: 42.2 cm (75%)

wearing 3-6 mo old clothes. 

Dear little c…
We are loving this new stage of your life!
You have started rolling over.
You laugh all the time. Especially with Dad. You sure think he is funny!
You put your toes in your mouth. 
You are super chubby, and super cute.


This was our Christmas card that we sent out this year.
Oh, we think you are so adorable! Thank you for being such a fun and happy baby.


We had such a fun time with you on Christmas!
You were getting over a cold, so we tried to not take you out in the freezing cold too much.
We were up North for Christmas visiting Grandma and Grandpa Ashby plus the rest of the family.

 We went to the National History Museum with Alan and Emma.
Afterwards you stayed with Aunt Lisa while Dad (Cruz) and I went and did some shopping.
Emma and Alan built a snow man. It was really cute.

 Christmas Eve, with the family!

 You had lots of visitors…
It was great to see some of my cousins too…
Some of the Gull Girls came by, and Melanie's little Girl Ellie was so excited to see you.
You however, were ready for a nap.
Amanda also stopped by which was fun, I had not seen her in awhile.
Candace was excited to hold and play with you. Also cousin David tried feeding you a bottle on Christmas day… until you slobbered some of it out… he thought it was gross. (Too funny!)
You were loved by aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and pretty much all. :)

You had so many wonderful gifts from family and Santa… you got lots of new toys!
We were so happy to have you around this Christmas! Last Christmas we had just found out you were coming. What a difference a year makes!
Little c, we love, love you.

Merry Christmas little 4 mo. old.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


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  1. So cute! Love your card too! Love those green and red hearts you did in the list too!