Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July Weekend… with a road trip!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holiday's.
 As a kid we went to see the hot air balloons. I was excited to take Claire for the 1st time to see them.

With Ant Lisa. We met Lisa, Alan and Emma at the balloons.

After the balloons we went to my parents for breakfast.

I brought the fruit. I tried to make it look like a flag. 

David and Joe. I loved how David grabbed his hand.

Emma and Claire had matching dresses.

Claire wanted to climb on Em. Emma wasn't too sure about it.

So David tried to help.

David also like that his shirt matched uncle Cruz's Shirt. ;)

Everyone climb on Candace.

Justine was pregnant with baby Sadie. 

The whole family!


Later we went to the Provo fest.

Lots of fried food there. 

I was melting so I got a huge drink. It was very hot out.

We had dinner and went to see the fireworks in Oakley with my parents.


Downtown Denver.

Spa baby!

Claire Loved the museum!

The blue bear!

Back to Utah, back to real life.

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