Thursday, September 4, 2014

Claire's 1 Year Stats

Claire turned ONE on AUGUST 28, 2014
She melts our hearts daily, and makes us laugh.
It is fascinating to see what she has learned in just one year.

⚓  ⚓  

Stats are:
Weight: 25 lbs; 96%
Height: 30.5 inches; 89%
Head 18.5 93%

⚓  ⚓  

Yup, still our big beautiful little girl.
What an amazing year it has been.

She wasn't afraid to take off even on the dock.

We went to the lake to take pictures twice…
every time… claire wanted to run, and run!

She'd fall and just get back up and RUN!

Love this scrunched smile.

⚓  ⚓  

We really couldn't ask for a more adorable, happy little girl.
We love ya Claire, Claire.

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