Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Hiking

This summer we did some fun HIKES!

Hike #1: To the hot springs up Diamond Fork. The little hike was nice, and the hot springs felt great!

Hike #2: This was the most challenging hike for me that we did. It was very steep,
just a little more than 6.5 miles round trip. But the view at the top was well worth the hike.
So pretty, we stayed for lunch and soaked up some sun.

Hike #3: We had a wedding this Saturday... so we had to do a short hike. :) The "Y" was a perfect one to do in little time. Actually a first for me. The view was pretty.

Hike #4: Every summer for the most part it seems that I hike stewart falls. Always a good adventure.

Hike #5: Mount. Timpanogos!! I am still suprised that I let Cruz drag me up this mountain. LOL. It was not that bad. Long? Yes. Fun? Yes. Worth the effort? Yes. I loved the view, and I was pretty pround of myself for making it to the summit.

I have to say that I have had so much fun hiking this summer. My husband is fantastic, and encouraged me to go higher and higher. I am seriously the luckiest girl I know. I can't wait until the fall leaves are here and we can do some fall hikes.

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