Wednesday, January 12, 2011

black & white dinner party

celebrate all things.
So far this year we started off with a good party. (NYE was celebrated at sparks, bringing the party well into the new year.) But as I mentioned in my "goals" for this year I want to party more.
Which means I need to get thinking ahead of time. Even though I do think that I through a great party at the last minute. Parties that are planned ahead are always just a bit more festive if you ask me. :)
Party plans for JANUARY include:

  • 01.01.2011: New Years Day: game night (It was a successes.)
  • 01.16.2011: Orem Girls Party: the girls that i grew up with & their families, we usually get together about twice a year. 
  • 01.17.2011: Black & White Dinner Party: all things black & white
  • 01.26.2011: My Birthday: knowing us we'll be celebrating on the weekend after or so... but we will for sure celebrate it. (I turn the big 3.0. !)
So... the most unique parties on this list is the Black & White Dinner Party that we have in the works, as of today. It's a really simple concept. We hold it on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It's fitting don't you think? We make a HEALTHY dinner; so we can keep up on the health goal of the new year, and enjoy some times with a few friends. Last year I decided to have this party on the very day we held it. Good thing we had 2 cars back then. It was a little rushed and tossed together. We didn't eat until 8 pm, which helped me have time to get everything ready. It was fun, and a perfect excuse to have a dinner party. We invited only one couple over since it was totally last minute, but I think they enjoyed it.

{Black and White party from last year...2010}

This year... 2011, we have a little more planning time. However, this was a festive party without a lot of crazyness, which is always nice. We may not change it up that much; but we will see.

Here are some ideas that I am thinking about:
  • penguins
  • zebra
  • chalk board
  • polk-a-dots
  • damask print
  • white flowers
  • white vintage vases
  • black table cloth
Food Ideas: (These are things I am thinking about... I wouldn't be making all this stuff. )
  • black bean soup and rosemary chicken (same as last year.)
  • oven roasted turkey
  • garlic chicken
  • spinach salad
  • spinach stuffed mushrooms
  • sparkling cider
  • grape juice
Snacks: (Cruz & I would skip on this since were eating all HEALTHY)
  • thankyou bags with homemade oreos
  • chocolate and vinilla treats
  • popcorn
  • hugs candy
So... those are things running though my head today...! I hope that everyone finds something fun to celebrate this JANUARY whatever it may be. 
Any suggestions or good ideas, let me know?

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