Thursday, January 20, 2011

MLK Day=Black & White Party!

At the table.

The Soup turned out YUMMY!

Chicken wasn't my favorite... but still good.

These were HEALTHY stuffed mushrooms... only 9 cal. each. Not bad!

These were COSTCO... but we just added the chocolate.

Cruz was a huge help by making the salad. Thanks LOVE.

These were left-over from Christmas... but they matched the party. :)

Don't they look cute in their B&W clothes.

A fun night.

We had such a great evening! I was so glad that we had our little party, even though I was beginning to wonder if we'd pull it off. :) Things took a little longer to prepare than I thought they would. Next time I will for sure need to do some of the stuff the night before. But all in all it was a good time.

We all dressed in BLACK and WHITE clothing. (Thanks guys for participating.) We ate dinner and we also played the game SMART A**. You should totally get this game... it's fun, and you don't really have to be uber guber smart to play. I made some questions to go with our game that had civil rights/MLK trivia on them. It was a easy way to make the game fit into our B&W party.
These are the cards that I made for the game... we played them first, and then just used the normal game cards.

The food we ate was all new recipes! I couldn't find my recipes that I used last year... but these were pretty yummy.
Needed a little salt sprinkled on the top.

This was the yummiest thing.

Chicken really had a lot of KICK. I would do only 1/2 cup of the Apple Cider Vinegar next time.

Feel free to print the recipes... click to see high resolution file.

{As always if you want to see the pictures bigger than click on them. :)}

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