Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End of April and Most of May 2011

it has felt like a long time since I blogged. I've been busy, and also sick. Not the best combos. But I have still managed to do some fun things....
This was in APRIL (25th, I believe). We celebrated Joel's Birthday by going to dinner at Zuppa's and then headed to the Provo Beach. Felt like summer just a bit. :)

My family were all kinda crazy busy over easter weekend, with a new baby, birthdays, trips, etc... we didn't have a chance to get together for Easter... and Brenda's birthday. So at the end of the week, we finally managed to get almost the whole group together for dinner at the outback. We all had a good time, and emma really enjoyed the camera she took lots of pictures... none were all that great, but she did push the button of the one of Alan and my Dad. No to shabby for a 18 mo. old.

I ran my 1st 5k ever. It was something I'd hope to be more ready for... I'd been training well, and then I got a cold and it just kinda stopped. But I decided, ready or not, I would do it. Cruz was a sweet heart and ran with me the whole time. I have never felt more love, as he helped me make it to the finish line.
It took 44 minutes. 
I know I am slow. 
But I finished. 
I was actually thinking it took me a lot longer, so I was surprised when I finished and saw the clock. 

We celebrated Mother's day on Saturday the day before the actual day. We didn't really take that many pictures. Mostly just of the little kids. :) But we had a good time, with good food!! Mother's day for me included lots of flowers, some from my parents, the ward, and Cruz too. My Mom is amazing, and is always willing to do anything she can for you. Like I said, I've been sick lately, and even though I am an adult my Mom still took care of me lots and lots. Love ya mom! (and dad.)

And for Memorial Day, we ate, and ate... and didn't take ONE picture the entire weekend. How sad is that. Here is to June, I hope it is a healthy month.


  1. Congrats on the 5k!! I sure need to start running, but its so hard! -Elise

  2. Good job on the 5 K. Looks like some fun stuff you've done!

  3. Hey! Great job on the 5K for sure! I love the photos from Joel's Birthday! They look amazing... I mean WE look amazing! ;)