Sunday, November 13, 2011

Luxembourg 2011

Third Stop was LUXEMBOURG: (Europe trip continues...) Also our wedding anniversary.
We Loved our little visit to Luxembourg! Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and we only spent the afternoon there. I did love the little streets, and the gardens were amazing. They had cobblestone paths and really fun old buildings like most of europe does. It is a tiny country, but a pretty one. Look at the picture above with the flags and garden... stunning. They really take pride in the landscape.  

We had lunch while in Luxembourg, though we weren't that hungry. So, we stopped at a little bakery/cafe and bought a sandwich. They warmed it up, and it was super hot.... so as we walked back to the place where the bus would meet us we let it cool off. Once we took a bite, we were sad that we didn't order one for each of us... IT WAS THE BEST SANDWICH I have ever tasted. Cruz agreed. Though I think he wished that I didn't like it so much. LOL. But really it was so yummy with melted cheese... almost like alfredo sauce. Drool it was so good. 

Today was also our 3rd wedding anniversary! 

What a great day we had. It was such an adventure to go to Europe. We planned it to go over our anniversary and believe me it was a awesome idea. Happy anniversary babe. Love you. 

That night we went to Switzerland! 

So, for the evening we were able to go to a dinner with our tour group. At first we weren't sure about going... if that is what we wanted to do for our anniversary... but I am so happy that we did. It was so fun, and very festive for being in Switzerland.

This is us walking to the dinner place. :)
In beautiful Switzerland!!!
 us at dinner.
the dinner program had traditional swiss music etc... 
They even had a contest, and wished us HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.
Cruz was "LUCKY" enough to be part of the contest.
He had to yoodle.
Which was especially funny because before we left for dinner, he asked "what is a yoodle." Good thing we had this conversation. It was so funny. He wasn't very good. ha ha. 
But he gave it his best Yoodle-odle-dee-hee!
He also go to blow in one of those long horns you see above.

Really fantastic way to spend your 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

I wish I had the movie... still sad about loosing our pictures etc. Dang. 

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