Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brussels 2011

Second Stop was BRUSSELS: (Europe trip continues...)

Day three: Brussels was a very short visit just about a 20 hour visit. It took a long time to get here. But the views along the way were fantastic. We first took a ferry across the channel, which was fun. Then it was time to meet up with our official tour director and tour group. Our tour director was Ilka, and she is seriously one smarty pants. I felt like she new everything about Europe. Our group that we were with ended up being really great too. Lucky us, I guess. Ok, so when we pulled into the hotel parking lot in Brussels it was so beautiful, there were all these flags and a windmill thing, and green grass with lots of trees. We got checked into the hotel, and then we were off again for a historical tour of the city. It's a small place so we got to see lots of the highlights in a short time.
We then went to the town square. I love that place. I loved to cobble stone streets, and all the cute little shops that were filled with yummy chocolate, and other fun treasures.

BRUSSELS favorites and facts:

  1. French Fries are really from Belgium, not France. You can get them everywhere!
  2. Mussels are the MUST HAVE Belgian cuisine. (Cruz ordered this for dinner, it was a huge pot filled with peppers, onions an delicious mussels.)
  3. Belgium Waffles are so amazing! There is a reason why they are Belgium Waffles. Mine was topped with chocolate and fresh strawberries. YUM! I need to go back to Belgium just to get another one... they are that good.
  4. Town square is fun at night, they had color changing lights on the town building. Plus Music to go with. It reminded me of Christmas kind-of. ;)
  5. The Picture above that is on the bottom right: shows all the highlights of Brussels, Manneken Pis (Peeing boy) See his story here, he is eating a Belgium waffle, and then a chocolate store, and also featured in the store is the Smurfs (The Smurf comic strips are by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo.)!!! Well Belgium is also known for it's beer, but since I don't drink I didn't care about it.
We were able to meet up with our friends who live in Belgium, which was so fun and a huge plus. We had waffles with them, and we got a little bonus tour hanging out with them. We got to see the Atomium, and also the university there. Thank you Roman and Ani! We loved visiting with you.

to be continued...

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  1. How fun! I'd love to visit there. That food sounds amazing. minus the mussels... sorry. haha