Sunday, February 5, 2012


 I didn't really have anything BIG planned for my birthday... little did I know.
When I got home from work, my handsome husband was already home from work... and ready to party. He had the gifts all wrapped, and everything set up. ;)

Cruz really knows how to make my birthday fantastic. He always has a surprise up his sleeve.
 He remembered that one random day I had said I wanted some baking supplies. Love that! He also had these beautiful roses sent to my work. A fun surprise. The picture doesn't show, but they were really pretty, and the vase was a fun square shape, and had some fun twigs coming out the top. ♥'ed it.
 After opening the gifts we went to dinner. We went to Gloria's Little Italy, which is very yummy. If you haven't tried it, and you are in Provo sometime you should. It is tasty.
 I recommend the bruschetta... so delicious.
 When I got home, some of my adorable friends were at my house to surprise me. :) I loved it. They had chatted with Cruz to get the details worked out, and they sure did a fabulous job!
 Have your cake and eat it too.
(PS... see that cute banner, Lex made it... I thought it was festive... don't be surprised if you see it again for some other party. It is too cute to not use it again.) 
 I love how ridiculous this picture is.
 This birthday was the year of FLOWERS. It was perfect. My house looked like spring... and those tulips are still as pretty as ever. Thanks Kristi!
 The Saturday after my birthday we gathered as a family... at La Jolla Groves. Seriously, beautiful and mouth-watering food.
It was a fantastic birthday. I loved all parts of it.
Thank you Cruz for all the work you put into my birthday. You are a great party planner. ;) I love that you took the time, and energy to make it all happen. Love you the very MOST!

I really didn't think he could compete with last years b-day... but I think he did.
i loved 2009 b-day celebration as well. (See... isn't he the best!)


  1. How sweet of him! Fun birthday! Love the flowers!

  2. That picture is rediculous! lol That was such a fun night to just chat! Happy Birthday Chris!!!