Monday, November 12, 2012


Cruz had to go to no mans land for a work thing. I came along for the ride, and once we finished up that adventure we decided since we were more than half way we would go to the Grand Canyon. This was the 2nd time we have been to the Grand Canyon since we have moved down here. :) On the way home we also drove through Zions. We really live in a stunning state. 
 This is at the animal place we had to go to for Cruz's work. They have tons of land all dedicated to taking care of animals. 

The sun, was just coming over this mountain.
Cruz was loving this stone... "WONDER STONE" in Kanab, they mine it there.
I had never heard of it, Cruz was surprised by that. ;)
After visiting the animal park, we went and had a super yummy hometown breakfast at this little cafe HOUSTON'S... it was delicious, and we were pretty much full for the day!

 Love the views of the Grand Canyon.

It was worth the drive, and we did some walking once we got there. Very pretty place, and got to see lots of deer along the way, and pretty fall trees. Everywhere we went Cruz was saying I have to take my parents here. Today 11.12 we will pick them up from the Vegas airport. It seems weird that the Vegas airport is closer than the SLC one. But we are both excited to have them come see us and the places we love to go... !
On the way back we drove through Zion's N.P. for fun. :)
Love this time of year!!

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  1. You guys live next to so many cool national parks! I'm super jealous. How's St. George treating you guys? If we ever find our way down there, we should meet up and grab lunch or something.
    And good luck being tour guide for the next little bit, I'm sure you'll have so many neat experiences with his family. That is so great they are visiting!