Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thriller! Halloween 2012

The last few years we have had super festive halloween parties, either one we have hosted ourselves or attended. This year was much more simple, and yet still lots of fun.
 This year for halloween we decided to go to THRILLER at the Tuacahn Theater.
It didn't disappoint. We loved it. The dances were festive, creative, and entertaining. 
Our pictures from halloween are sort of pathetic. 
 They had fun halloween lights projecting onto the mountains. You can kind of see them behind out heads.
 The zombies were fantastic! They crawled around the audience during breaks and before/after the show. They would just come and hangout by you. Sometimes people wouldn't notice and then turn and look... and jump or scream. ha haha.
We didn't dress up, but there were lots of people who did. Next time I think I would like to dress up. 
My favorite costume was someone who dressed up as Effie from the hunger games. She looked amazing, and it was very fun. We were boring, and all we did is where shirts that had black, and orange. Ha haha.

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