Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Greatest Blessings

This last summer we've had a lot of changes with moving. Often to keep my spirits up I would find myself listing or counting my blessings. It often reminded me that I have been richly blessed. Even when hard times have come, I am still really blessed. My parents really are on the top of our list, not sure where we would be without them the last few months. We are super excited to say our house is sold and we are settling into our new place.
My parents just painted their kitchen, and now they are  planning on doing a family picture wall... and in the middle they wanted this quote. So I did a little design for them. Can't wait until Thanksgiving to see it all put together. :) My Sister-in-law made some cute curtains with grey and teal colors. I was nice to finally have something to do for them. My Dad had already picked the quote, thought it was cute.
© Christina Marcano.

These are the colors that their newly painted kitchen, with their new floors...
Hopefully it looks great, printed and on the wall!
Love doing little design projects like this.
Let me know if you have a favorite quote you want designed. 


  1. This is so cute!!! I want to print and frame it for mine and Andy's parents for Christmas. I would be happy to pay you for a printable! Let me know! suzanagarrett@gmail.com

    1. For sure, I would love to send you the file. It is $10 for the file... print as many as you like. :)