Monday, October 8, 2012

Aladdin at the Tuacahn

So far since we have been living in St. George we have had 2 sets of visitors. 
1st was Alan and Lisa (and family) came over labor day weekend... weird that we didn't take any pictures. But we had a great time. Playing in the pool, great food, bowling, and we hiked a little hike in Zions.

2nd was Ash and Jason. We went to the TUACAHN production of Aladdin!!!!
It was fantastic. I love it. The weather was perfect. We will for sure be going back. 
It was such a good time. We were so glad they made the trip.

Oh, and yes I had my picture taken with the genie and jasmine... we were walked to the car and saw the huge line to get out of the parking lot... and went back to the theater for a pit stop. They were almost done with their line of people and I hopped in at the end and took advantage of the photo opt. LOL.

Want to hang in St. George.... 
Stop in and say hello!!!
We are now out of our hotel and into our own little apartment. 
I was worried that we would have to get rid of some of our furniture... but it all fits. Yeah.
We've been living here a week as of today, so far so good.


  1. Show looks fun! Yay for visitors!

  2. Seriously love your blog even more! I miss you so much and being able to come by to visit! I'm trying to figure out when I could come down and we could have a festive weekend of our own! Let me know if you ever come up!