Monday, September 24, 2012


On August 30th we celebrated 4 great years!
Wow, time is flying by.
I have loved all of it.
I moved down to St. George on our anniversary. It was the best present I could have gave our marriage.
I am much less stressed out, and it is really the truth, once you get married...
Home is where your HUSBAND is.

 This year we celebrated down in St. George!
(Our new home... however, we live in a hotel.)

 Cruz surprised me with these pretty flowers waiting in our hotel sweet.
 We went to this fun restaurant called Anasazi Steakhouse & Gallery.
They cook your food on a lava stone. It was festive and unique. 
We also had yummy cheese fondue and for dessert was chocolate fondue.
All was very yummy.
It's true every year we are more in LOVE.

Happy Anniversary, love love!
Thanks for everything.
So, excited to be living down in St. George with you.
Love you.
Remember our...
1st Anniversary.... here.
2nd Anniversary... here.
3rd Anniversary... here.
All good memories. Weird to think that we bought our house on our 2nd anniversary and by the 4th we are trying to sell it. Who would have guessed that. Not us.

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